Bicycle parking at the Oregon Convention Center

Oregon Convention Center
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd
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bikes everywhere outside the OCC, photo by Heather Andrews
bike parking in the parking garage, photo by Heather Andrews
bike parking right by the door!, photo by Heather Andrews
Photos by Heather Andrews
Sure, it's easy to get to the Convention Center on your bike or via public transport; the MAX line runs right by, multiple bus lines go within blocks, and you have the bike paths off the Broadway and Steel Bridges, the Eastplace Esplanade, and the entire eastside working for you. The problem becomes actually parking the bicycle nearby.

Exterior Bike Racks at the Oregon Convention Center

There are three exterior bike racks outside the Convention Center. Yes, that's right, three.
  • On the Holladay Street side, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues
  • On the MLK side, between Pacific and Oregon
  • On the MLK side, at Hoyt

If an event at the OCC attracts any sort of real crowd, you'll find bicycles locked down to just about anything permanent. So what's a conscientious bicyclist to do?

Luckily, there is also some super-secret bicycle parking.

Bicycle Parking in the OCC parking garage

Like many places, there is bike parking in the OCC parking garage. The benefits are obvious: no weather, racks designed to be locked to, and umm, no weather.

If you enter on level 1 (the south entrance between MLK and 1st on Lloyd Ave) just go by the tollbooth, and there's hanging parking immediately to your right, right in sightline of the parking attendant. Just past that, on the righthand side, some more hanging parking. And by the door to the Convention Center, there are U racks on each side of the door.

On Level 2 below it, there is far less parking—just a couple of the U racks by the OCC door, and in the SW corner of the garage.

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April 24, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (2)


hen is the garage open so you can get your bike out? what about leaving your bike there while going out with normal folks to the bar?

vj Author Profile Page said:

Hey Bryan -
I believe it changes from event to event, so ask at the parking booth before assuming you'll be able to keep your bicycle there.

And does normal folks mean people who don't bicycle??

If I were you, I'd take my bike with me...

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