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WiFi and Computer Access

Public Internet Access in Portland


  • The Multnomah County Library has internet access at each branch. Some branches have more than others, of course.... Library hours
  • Most local colleges and universities allow the public to use their library computer terminals if students are not waiting.

for a nominal charge

  • Many coffee shops offer computer terminals and/or free wifi access if you buy something. Many hotels, motels, and even the Hawthorne Street Hostel offer wi-fi.
  • Eliot e-cafe 2808 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Suite B (just north of Russell) John wrote: "Suggest you add a new and kewl cyber cafe in my 'hood, the Eliot e-cafe on NE MLK in the Standard Dairy complex., nextta Billy Reed's."This is the place for the ultimate multitasker: internet access, laundromat, video rental, sandwich & coffee shop, and convenience store, all rolled into one.
  • Fireside Coffee Lodge 1223 SE Powell 230-8987 24/7 wireless and chainsaw bears!
  • Kinkos all over town Kinkos hardly belongs on in a low-budget guide, but you know, sometimes the home computer isn't working, and the library is closed, and you have to do it now. And Kinkos knows that and will charge you through the nose. Hint, just about everyone else in town who offers internet services will have equivalent or better speed, at much better prices and in a more comfortable atmosphere. But Kinkos is open 24 hours a day.
  • Red & Black Cafe 2138 SE Division
  • Urban Grind Coffee 2214 NE Oregon

scanning and graphics manipulations:

  • Kinko's see above Kinko's has great workstations, with the latest version of Photoshop and a nice scanner, etc, in both Mac and PC varieties. Course, you do pay for that.

personal telco project!

Drew wrote me that "a local group, the personal telco project, has recently announced a free public wireless access node that covers pioneer square. Also, several members make free wireless access available from their homes, and we're currently working on setting up a freely available node at the hawthorne hostelling international location. Trust me, if you've got the hardware, you can sit in the pioneer square starbucks and take up a table for hours!" "You need an 802.11b compatible wireless card, and to have it setup to obtain an IP address and DNS server automatically. once the card's associated to the access point, simply open a browser and connect to any webpage, and the node will redirect you to a webpage that provides you with various information and asks you to agree to some legal mumbo-jumbo." Their site will tell you all you need to know. And man, they have some great technical links on all things open source!

free geek!

"Based in Portland, Oregon, Free Geek is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that recycles used technology and provides computers, education and access to the internet in exchange for a few hours of community service.You can earn a free GNU/Linux OS computer. You can help us to repair and recycle computers; we will teach you any skills required."
They have a thrift store, too!

Portland Area ISPs

You can check on everyone who services area codes 503 and 360 in The List.

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