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Portland's New & Used, Film & Digital, Camera shops

At Blue Moon

When I first got into photography as a hobby, I was happy to go to stores like Camera World. Of course, at that point, Camera World was still an independent, family-owned shop. But then I started noticing that all the packaging looked the same, even though the shop might have a different name. That's when I figured out that Maryland-based Ritz Camera, a chain with 1,300 stores, had bought Wolf Camera, Kits Camera and Camera World.

I stumbled upon Blue Moon in St. Johns, not even looking for a camera store. And then I realized... there had to be other alternatives to Ritz. And there are.

Blue Moon Camera & Machine

8417 N Lombard St
(503) 978-0333
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Blue Moon Camera
inside Blue Moon
Blue Moon is a dangerous store for camera lovers, the epicenter for artsy film photographers. They do occassionally stock digital cameras, but overwhelming, they emphasize film. Whether you're looking for a reliable 35mm, a super-8, a holga, or a handsome handmade wooden pinhole camera, they have it, generally at great prices. They also have accessories, bags, chemicals, and old refurbished typewriters (swoon). Film, of course, including "120mm film modified for your 620 shooting pleasure." And, they do processing, both by hand and by machine, including optical enlargements rather than digital.

They also create a community, both with the friendly and free way the staff exchanges names with customers, and in throwing a customer show annually, which for opening night packs the streets of St Johns as if it were a happening big city.

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Citizens Photo

706 SE 6th Ave
(503) 232-8501
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Your first view in is of beautiful old blond wood cabinetry, which houses used cameras and new camera supplies.

While it's not as huge as Pro Photo Supply, it's also less crowded, and more charming. You can get a wide variety of film cameras, primarily used. They have all the chemicals to set up your own dark room, and they do photo processing as well. You can get prints of your digital photos while you wait on weekdays too. Honestly, I was kinda overwhelmed by the level of service, by adult men who had worked in photography for a good portion of their adult lives.

They have a nice collection of new and used camera bags. Perhaps best of all is the collection of student cameras.

If you're a fan of old film cameras, you have to visit here.

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Hollywood Camera Store

4039 NE Sandy Blvd
(503) 284-2060
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Hollywood Camera StoreThis is an incredible little shop, made up only of photo processing, and gorgeous old used cameras. You have your choice here of Super 8s, Brownies, etc... basically, any non-toy camera, and even some of them, are here. They also have some bins of camera parts that could be useful if you're putting together your own pinhole. Mostly I was in awe of all of this photographic equipment that I have no idea what to do with.

The older guy working seemed happy to have someone come in, and he kept peppering me with questions: could he help me, was there something I was looking for, what was the weather like? I finally fessed up that I was a n00b, but that I found the aesthetics of the older cameras much better than their newer, digital cousins.

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Pro Photo Supply

1112 NW 19th Ave
(503) 241-1112
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Pro Photo Supply
inside Pro Photo Supply
This Portland camera shop has everything, it's big and always a bit crowded, and if there's some new cool hip thing you've heard about, chances are, they've got it. They're the only "Professional Photography Value Added Reseller of Apple products in the state of Oregon", so you can get a Mac or an iPod, as well as software. They have a walk-in fridge, honestly the nicest walk-in fridge I've ever been in, for film. Lots of new and used cameras, both film and digital, and digital backs. Paper, printers, chemistry, bags, filters, batteries, lighting, memory cards, books, you name it, they've got it. I love it, and I get creeped out by how crowded it is.

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