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Gas Stations

map of gas stations downtown

You need a gas station at the damndest times. And then, when you're looking for a filling station, can you find it?

I was reminded of this the other day. I was downtown and needed gas. The scooter was running on fumes. Hmmm. So I headed up Lovejoy, and once I was past Rose City, I remembered that they offer gas, so I doubled back. And at that point, I thought if I had a hard time keeping track of gas stations, others, particularly visitors, might also.

Gasoline is much more plentiful once you get outside of the inner westside. On the inner eastside, you can find multiple gasoline stops on SE and NE MLK/Grand.

Oh, and just a note: in Oregon, you cannot pump your own gas. Here's wikipedia's take on that:

All stations in New Jersey and Oregon, however, are mini service; attendants are required to pump gas because customers are explicitly barred by statutes in both states from pumping their own gas. Both states prohibited self service in the 1940s due to fears that foolish customers would handle gasoline improperly. Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality has also ordered a ban on self-service gasoline due to inexperienced pumpers being a significant source of groundwater and air pollution. Oregon's state fire marshal has also ordered a ban on self-service gasoline. Today, these states enforce the law because of the rapid increase of drive-offs, where people fill up their car and drive away without paying for gas. In 1982, Oregon voters rejected a ballot measure sponsored by the service station owners, which would have legalized self-service gas.

The 76 near PSU Old Town 76 West Burnside Chevron Rose City Cab Astro at Bonnie's Burgers 76 at 21st & Lovejoy

Inner westside Gas Stations!

Gas Stations In Inner NW

76 station 76 on NW 21st & Lovejoy


2110 NW Lovejoy St

Astrothe Astro on NW 21st at Northrup

Astro #206

1111 NW 21st Ave
(503) 274-8971

ChevronChevron on W. Burnside at 22nd


2230 W Burnside St

Radio CabRadio Cab Co CA7-1212

Radio Cab

1613 NW Kearney
(503) 227-1212

Gas stations Downtown

Old Town 76the 76 on West Burnside at 4th

Old Town 76

400 W Burnside St (503) 224-6420

Gas stations near PSU

76the 76 on Fourth near PSU


1967 SW 4th Ave

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