Cherry Sprout Produce Market

722 N. Sumner St.
(503) 445-4959
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9-7 Monday-Saturday
9-6 Sundays

Cherry Sprout Produce Market

Think of Cherry Sprout as the daughter of the Big City Market. It started and is owned by two former employees of BCM.

The market is an interesting combination of the old Big City (which really served the old neighborhood with lots of greens and ethnic foods) and a reflection of the new neighborhood (seeking organic produce and vegan/vegetarian/health foods). Just like the old store, you can find a full fridge case full of eggs, dairy, tortillas, margarine, salsas, but you can also find fake meat and fake cheese. Lots of specialty sodas, lots of spices.

I do miss the marked-down fruit that I used to get at Big City, but I love the organics, the boca burgers, and the great selection of latin produce at Cherry Sprout.

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January 21, 2008 | Permalink | Comments (7)


c said:

I heart Cherry Sprout, and wish them the very best of luck. It's a curious niche that they're in, and you describe them well. There's a case up front with some jumbo-sized frozen meats and veg, by the way, for discount bulk-shoppers. I try to structure my shopping so that I can pop in to Cherry Sprout for fresh vegetables to complete that night's dinner, visiting New Seasons less often for fresh meat/fish, exotics, paper goods and the like. It's not always possible, because I'm disorganized like that, but I do try. Cherry Sprout's staff are awesome folks, with a real commitment to person-to-person, neighborhood-based... I don't want to call it "activism" because that's not quite it. And yet, just by being there, doing what they're doing in the face of larger stores fairly nearby, they're a radical undertaking. Here's hoping that they're able to make it work, because we're a richer neighborhood for their presence.

Chris & Aijung said:

Today we stumbled upon Cherry Sprout. We were both pleased with the selection of produce and other goods such as bulk foods and condiments, and awesome records playing. The staff were welcoming and put smiles on the faces of many.

Plus, it's closer to my house and I don't have to peddle as much for my groceries.

peas & carrots!

Ariana Orton said:

We love the Cherry Sprout. We eat mostly raw, which can be very expensive. The produce selection is not exhaustive, but they have fresh basics at very reasonable prices. The produce is not always certified organic, but they take care to purchase from small local growers who are using good growing practices. These farmers are often not able to afford the cost of organic certification, but the food is better than agribusiness cardboard food substitute, and often as good as organic. We will continue to support them by buying our produce there. The feel of the place is homey and small and well tended. There's always someone out on the floor checking over the produce and making sure it's all good.

Stephen said:

The consensus here is that Cherry Sprout is great. I agree! The staff is very friendly and the selection is pretty good. Sometimes they are out of the essentials, like bacon, or a loaf of bread, but overall I give them 5 stars. I think that it is a wonderful venture that they have and I hope the best for the business, it certainly enhances the niehgborhood!

Joey said:

I love fricken love this place. I got to jefferson and its really convenient to pop in there before after or during school for some treats. Sangria and I are going to get married but the coke in glass bottles turn me on too! haha.. oh dear.. but yeah, theyve got everything from stawberry milk to rutebegas to daves killer bread(amazing but $pendy) and mexican oregano.
But, honestly, I had no clue it had changed from big city until my friend mentioned it a couple days ago. And yeah, the people who work there are great. Btw, theres a mini jeff showcase at cherry sprout on the twenty first; art, music and whatever. But don't laugh because I have no clue how good its gonna be and i might accidentally give you a smak in the face. jussss playin...
but really, i might have a couple arts of mines in there
so check it out~:)

Donald Tyler said:

Stopped into the Cherry Sprout for the first time a few days ago. What a great selection of produce and other products. Keep up the great work and sell more Holy Kakow : )

Cherry said:

Thank you, fine people, for all your love and affection! We love love love you as much as you heart us! Thank for you support. Man! We were out of bacon??? Whooops.... XOXO



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