Pacific Super Market

6750 NE Broadway
(503) 251-0524
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Pacific Market

deli items at Pacific Market
If you are looking for vietnamese ingredients, you have a number of options. You can go to your neighborhood vietnamese market; you can go to a mega market like Uwajimaya or Fubonn, or you can go to this full-sized vietnamese grocery tucked away in a corner of Rose City.

This former Red Apple grocery is a full-sized, full-service grocery, where you might not hear any english at all. I did but only because I came upon a Somali woman with her children who had a Vietnamese friend asking the butcher questions.

They have a deli with cheap, premade banh mi, salad rolls, and who knows what all else, a huge case of fresh noodles, including vegetarian egg noodles, a small produce section with all of the usual (and unusual) vietnamese veggies, fruits and herbs, and the full butcher case, with all the tags in Vietnamese. As you might expect, they have a huge selection of tea and rice, but they also have aloe vera juice and sugar cane. Durian is in a freezer at the front of the store.

The market itself is sad and showing its age, with buckled and broken linoleum tiles on the floor, and an air of dingyness. It just seems a bit down on its heels.

And if while you're shopping, you remember that you need cosmetics, Pacific Cosmetics is tucked into the west corner of the store. It's as plush as any cosmetics counter at Nordstroms.

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August 25, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (6)


extramsg said:

The banh mi place, Maxim's, just around the corner makes their own bread and has some of the best banh mi in town.

vj said:

It's actually not Maxim's anymore. It's called Binh Minh and I'll have a review of it this week. (it's still great, they still bake their own bread, and it doesn't seem too much different. More snacks though.)

jcollum said:

This place is awful, the meat section smells bad and the checkers speak almost no english. I won't be going back. Go to Fubon instead, it might be farther but you won't worry about getting sick.

dissapointed shopper said:

This place is dirty and nasty. The people working in the meat section don't wear gloves or aprons or hair nets. They were handling the meat without washing their hands with bare hands. I will never be heading back to this place. I'll be shopping at Lily Market just down the street from now on or Fubon

Hunter said:

Smells bells.....the meat counter is right next to the dried fish. The meat is fresh and people's just that you see them cut the meat unlike most grocery stores.

Mary said:

This place has an amazing amount of selections and has a friendly staff. You are missing out on the best prices of Vietnamese ingredients and food in Portland!

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