Food Fight! Vegan Grocery

1217 SE Stark
(503) 233-3910
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10-8 daily

Food Fight! Vegan Grocery

The new store, in a vegan minimall (next to Herbivore, Sweet Pea Bakery [now open!] and Scapegoat Tattoo), is a huge wonderful improvement on the previous location and the previous stock. Vegans and Veggies could easily do the vast majority of their grocery shopping now at Food Fight, which is convenient and my-gosh, it took til late 2007 to make it happen?

As a vegan-friendly person, I was delighted with the store and easily spent about $70 on groceries, a cookbook, and a canvas bag.

Their strong suit used to be vegan junk food, and they are still very strong in this area. I found some wonderful looking Indian "savories" in supercheerful packaging, so many types of jerky and some great new-to-me vegan candies. They have a good-sized selection of vegan health and fitness items (protein powders, energy bars, and quick energy goos), and all sorts of vegan milks.

The fridge case is full of fun sodas, including my fave, Hi-ball, and Adina's lime-mint mojitos. They have an entire case of sheese, including creamy sheese.

The freezer case has lots of fake meat, of course, and tv dinners. The shelves area full of convenience foods like vegan ramen and NoFishGoFish canned soups (yum). They have a small bulk section, and now they have produce. They even have pet food and household supplies, like Dr. Bronner's Sal-Suds, an all-purpose cleaner that works fabulously on dishes.

Vegan toiletries -- check. Vegan books (cookbooks, philosophy, etc) - check. But perhaps the most memorable item is the nacho cheese dispenser and the grab-n-go hot dogs. Try them together -- it's really pretty good, or at least as good as the stuff you get at the convenience store.

Their web site has a great vegan/veggie guide to Portland!

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January 3, 2008 | Permalink | Comments (3)


I need to get over very soon. It is shameful that I haven't yet.

Gretchen said:

I've been there with my family a couple times. I love the prices and the selection..however I think the service could be a bit more friendly. You shouldn't have to look like the average portland/hipster in order to buy here.

Chad Miller said:

Sorry if you got unfriendly service. We're not very good business people, really. Sometimes we (the owners and workers) are just in crappy moods, it has nothing to do with you looking like a hipster or not. We are very unhip ourselves, so...

At least we're real people, right? If we're being friendly, you know it's genuine.

Chad / owner-Food Fight

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