August 10, 2006

The Oregonian/
many thanks to Betsy of MetroBlogging Portland for some URL assistance!

the Oregonian newspaper
The Oregonian is the daily newspaper of Portland. Locals frequently refer to it as the Snoregonian or Boregonian. It is online at On one hand, that's great, but on another, it's really difficult to find things on the oregonlive web site. The company that puts it together, Advance Internet, does a number of other cookie-cutter regional newspaper web sites that look exactly like this.

Admittedly, I first used the print version, and I prefer it to the online version. Things, to my mind, are in a regular, findable place in the print version.

You can purchase the print version from machines and in stores: 50 cents, daily, and $1.50 on Sundays.

Here's what you can expect to find on archives articles for 14 days. There are a few exceptions: Obituaries are held for 6 months, while sports articles, FOODday recipes, and movie reviews are kept up for one year. Our search engine allows you to search all of the archived stories on our site. If you saw a story published in our affiliated newspaper, The Oregonian, and want to find it online, keep in mind that it may not be here. We publish the top news, sports and business stories from The Oregonian every day. We do not publish everything that appears in print. For example, we do not publish the crossword, horoscopes, comics, or most syndicated content.

The Oregonian has a Breaking News RSS feed at However, it appears the only other RSS feeds ( that they have are to Oregonian-branded blogs.

While some news papers post content in a structure that echoes the print version, doesn't entirely do that. So when I go looking for an article that I know is in the Metro section, I end up flailing along in News and Local looking for the article. When you consider that frequently the same article might have two different titles (one in print, one online), with the online one being no more obvious than the print one, well, it's frustrating, argh!!!

I want to pass along my cheatsheet.

today's headlines:
up-to-the-minute AP reports:

Homes and Gardens of the Northwest:
police scanner (!):

See the current week's front pages from The Oregonian in PDF:

What if you want to find an article in the Oregonian that ran more than, say, three weeks ago? If you have a Multnomah County Library card, no big deal!

  1. Go to (that's the Multnomah County Library site, then Research, then Articles, then Newspapers).
  2. Select the Oregonian (NewsBank) 1988-present which is available online.
  3. Get out your library card, and click the library card like image.
  4. Fill out the search form.
  5. Your library card number is the whole library card number.
  6. The pin is the last 4 digits of your phone number, unless you've changed it.
  7. If anyone has questions about how to access library databases, including what their PIN is, they can call the Reference Line, 503-988-5234, during Central Library's open hours.


gastronaut said:

no RSS? i've got two in my blogroll

i guess i haven't found RSS feeds of the print content.

Betsy said:

OregonLive has RSS feeds, fyi:

I can't find the list of ones for breaking news stories, (the site search doesn't reveal it, nor does a Google search), but I have the following news feeds in my reader:

Note that I'm not at all defending the product, of course...just pointing out ways to work around it!

Watcher said:

Betsy, that address IS the one for the breaking news blog. It's on the RSS page, too, but it's named "Daily Updates."

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