June 30, 2006

Ira Keller Civic Forecourt Fountain

Ira's Fountain
Ira's Fountain
A lot of people diss the urban renewal blocks or South Auditorium District. And honestly, a lot of the buildings in it are those 70s anonymous charmless almost-soviet rectangles. But the Forecourt/Fourcourt/Ira's Fountain is an excellent place to people watch, eat lunch, chill out, or get wet. This is arguably the most visually compelling and best known fountain in town, a small island of serenity in downtown.

With lots of stairs and platforms, as well as grass in the shade and in the sun, there are lots of places to sit without getting wet. With it's secretive spaces, it's easy to feel like you are unseen (though you are). And there are lots of places to get spray from the cascades, or just end up ankle, knee or hip deep in chilly water.

Parents of small children will either want to take their kids to the lower, shallow, pooling area, rather than the falls, and they'll want to keep a close eye on them. This fountain may be better suited for older kids, teens, and adults, which you'll see in abundance.


Cabbol said:

I actually like the other two pocket parks in the development also. They are both very peaceful and one of the few places you can get away from car traffic.

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