June 28, 2006

Jamison Square Fountain

Jamison Square
Jamison Park bike rally
Jamison Square is a new park in the Pearl District. While the park is divided into particular areas, the most noteworthy is certainly the kid-friendly fountain. On warm days it continuously recirculates treated water into low pools that slowly drains. The water is extremely shallow, so it's perfect for smaller tykes, but there's enough variation that older kids can be kept guessing as well.

The park is right on the Streetcar line, adjacent to both pizza by the slice, a drugstore, and fancy restaurants that would not appreciate wet clothing. There's lots of comfortable areas for people watching, including benches and grassy nolls with young trees. Car parking is all metered, and there's a fair amount of bike parking as well.

The one potential problem is that this fountain, like the others favored by residents for a quick (or prolonged) spraydown, is very popular. On a hot day it can draw hundreds of users from around the city.


adron said:

I love this park.

The only problem is all of the outsiders... people that just swarm the place during the summer. Burbanites, Salemites, just everyone but barely a few from the actual Pearl. It's a nice park but the crowding just makes it rather uncomfortable.

But if crowded spaces are your thing, this is definately the place to be. I'm usually the wierdo that sits out and reads on the cold days. :)

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