Red White & Blue Thrift Store

19239 McLoughlin Blvd, Gladstone
(503) 655-3444
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Red White & Blue Thrift StoreThe Red White & Blue holds a storied place in my thrift store memories. It is the furthest thrift out McLoughlin, and before I began researching the strip, it seemed like it was 45 minutes away. To make matters worse, it is not open on Sundays, nor is it open later than 6pm.

You walk in, and it's a small store, devoid of the color-coordinated marketing posters and aisle markers of Goodwill or Value Village. It's devoid even of a fitting room. The place reminds me of Portland almost twenty years ago, before the '89 earthquake, before the Californians came, and Starbucks—before the economy brightened just enough to eliminate the millions of mom and pop thrifts like this one that lined the streets of SE.

The prices on clothes (most are $2.95 out of a range of $.95-$5.95, and some new items are as much as $9.95) and shoes (most are $2.95 out of a range of $1.95-$12.95) are okay. I admit, I was like, I drove to Gladstone for this? Clothes are sorted by size, and there is a plus-sized section.

But pay attention to the boards above the cash register to see what is on sale. When I was there, everything but yellow and red tags was marked down 50%, and the blue tags were 75%. That can make it absolutely worth the trip.

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September 25, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (6)


Alice Avina said:

Since I've moved to arkansas, I really
miss shopping at you'r store,Please
open one up in Fayetteville,Ar.

grrr said:

why are people letting this secret out??

miss sally said:

I'm with Grrr. Is that a name? Who's named Grrr? Grrrrrr! It's so fun to write! Grrrrrrr! But she's right, people, shut the fuck up about the portland thrift shops. what are you , stupid?

Lucas said:

Um, relax kids. I'm really sorry you thought Red White and Blue was a secret.... But even when I moved here six years ago, everyone knew about it. It's a Portland landmark, without being in Portland. No need to get so angry about it.

LadyBirdRJ said:

This place is well worth the drive if your really hunting for bargains. They have different sales throughout the week, like all clothes, shoes and housewares 1/2 off. I always score great finds especially GUY STUFF. My fella always finds sweet vintage men's stuff for really cheap!!!

Also, the drive is a bit far but there is a Value Village and a Goodwill on the way and if your not too tired THE BINS are on the way back into town! It makes a great day of thrifting!!

And don't worry about letting out "the secret" there is enough to go around...

Melissa said:

why are you so upset about it being so called discovered by everyone in Portland, probably so you cant sell all the deals for 4x as much in vintage stores in Portland?!?!?



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