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Knit-PurlThere is nothing low-end or cheap about Knit/Purl. Looking for Plymouth? Don't bother looking here. However, if you're looking for luxurious, high-end yarns, here you go. It's a relatively small store bookended by Josephine's Dry Goods (fabrics) and the Playful Needle (needlepoint & crewel), with a lovely selection of gorgeous yarns, many of which you won't see elsewhere. And, they have Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride, the best economy wool out there. And while Josephine's may treat you badly if you don't flash cash, this isn't going to happen at K/P. Staff are helpful, attentive, courteous, and, not jerks. Specialty yarns like imported Habu Textiles, high-end small-production yarns like Lorna's Laces, Koigu, Colinette, Manos del Uruguay and Louisa Harding, and locals like Scappoose's Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and Portland weaver Catherine Van Laake's Loom In Essence (the finest japanese silks, naturally dyed) make the store especially interesting (and expensive). Even when the store is full of browsers, it has an airiness which will keep most claustrophics from going into a panic attack. And, they have a great selection of books and gifty items for knitters and crocheters.

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Carmen said:

I couldn't even BELIEVE what I read about Knit/Purl. Staff is FAR from courteous, but very much jerks. The first time I went there, I was COMPLETELY ignored - the owner herself was there with her little ankle-biting terrier who peed on some yarn. After wandering back and forth for about 20 minutes (there were about 2-3 other people in the store, all seemingly "regulars" and getting the attention accordingly), I was finally bold enough to ask for some help. As expected, they were rude. I tried going back one more time, thinking everyone deserves a 2nd chance. Same @&%$, different day. I'll stick to Lint, thank you very little!

Nichole said:

Wow, what a different experience i had. Knit Purl is my favorite yarn store by far. The owner is super nice and helpful -- she helped me located my beloved Blue Moon Rio yarn I needed, and I love the selection. There was a Habu Textiles jacket that was to die for! Downstairs my friend and I went and knit for a minute or two with some ladies who were knitting there. I think they could use some nice comfy couches in the front instead of those cold low wood chairs. I think that you get what you look for when you go here and the energy you put off.

BigAlice said:

Just FYI: Knit/Purl no longer carries Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn.

Smithee said:

Knit/Purl has a great selection of all weights of yarn and it it is organized beautifully. I just can't get over the scowls, rolling eyes, blatant rudeness and vacant stares I receive each time I visit the store.

Once, I asked about a certain color of yarn (I am color blind) and was treated with such contempt, as if I had done something horribly offensive. After I explained that I was color blind, I was treated even worse. I asked to see the Noro catalog, so I could look at the color charts. The shorter woman with the close-cropped hair curtly snapped, "I don't see what good they would be.", then disappeared downstairs never to return. Fifteen minutes later I politely asked the other clerk working if she had heard anything. Over the intercom I heard "Tell him we don't have any."

It was the worst experience I've ever had in a yarn shop.
It is really too bad. I won't ever shop there again.

Gail Mowry said:

I havegone once to this store amd was treated very well. I had come on the wrong day for their sock group. (from Beaverton) and was invited to tea and made to feel very welcome. I will go back for yarn when I need some.

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