A new source for gourmet cheaper tuna

Tuna!Let me sing the praises of my local food co-op, Alberta Cooperative Grocery (1500 NE Alberta St, (503) 287-4333; googlemap; get there via trimet). I love my co-op: good beer selection, good snack selection, beautiful produce. And, they stock my favorite high-end cheaper tuna, Bela-Olhao Portugal.

If you want to make a tuna salad where the taste of the tuna is important, like a nicoise or an Italian tuna-bean salad, it's best with a good-quality tuna in extra virgin olive oil. Or at least, that's the way I do it, and while Cook's Illustrated likes the Spanish brand Ortiz, I love Bela-Ohao's Skipjack from Portugal. I'm sure the Ortiz is incredible—and with prices ranging from $4-$7 per tin, I'll stay ignorant. But with Bela-Ohao ringing in around $3, it's a luxury, but seemingly more reasonable. New Seasons used to stock it—but no more. This last weekend, we went on an expedition, checking Zupan's, Elephant's Deli, the NW Freddies, and Whole Foods, and no one had it! So imagine my surprise and joy to see it at Alberta!

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