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Lame picture of a Bridgeport six pack
The Bridgeport Brew Pub in NW has been closed since Christmas 2004, leaving only the (yuppie-esque) Bridgeport Ale House on Hawthorne. And so for a certain sort of craftbrew drinker, there hasn't been a significant argument to go to Hawthorne. Not that I'm going to make one now. But the original Brew Pub will reopen in February (hopefully, without total and complete yuppification).

I know that a lot of people look at Bridgeport, and Widmer, with some derision because of corporate funding. Yes, Gambrinus Co, owner of Corona, Pete's Wicked, Shiner and Moosehead, also owns Bridgeport (and Anheuser-Busch owns a minority share of Widmer). So do they suck? It doesn't appear so. I miss the funky old Brew Pub, but their beer, in bottle and on tap, is still good. In fact, last week
there was an article lauding Bridgeport's ESB... in (of all places) the Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram:

With lashings of creamy head, this English-style bitter pours a warm, deep amber and delivers a beautiful balance of hops and malted barley with hints of fruit and caramel. It leaves a pleasant lacing about the glass.

It also sang the praises of the India Pale Ale, and the Black Strap Stout.

Bridgeport makes Blue Heron Pale Ale, Ropewalk Amber, Pintail Copper, Old Knucklehead (a barley wine), and Ebenezer (winter) Ale as well.

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