Chinese Delicacy

6411 SE 82nd Ave
(503) 775-2598
get there via trimet

Chinese Delicacy
Seafood & tofu hotpot
When you see the sign for Chinese Delicacy, you might notice that it includes chinese logograms and korean hangul. You might notice that all the Asians have kim-chi with their meals, and that they do a brisk walk-in and carry-out business. The recipes seem typically chinese, so what's going on, exactly?

ExtraMSG has noted that they serve the food of the ethnic Koreans in China. The thing is, you don't see that much reflected in the menu. I'm told once you're trusted, or once you're persistent enough, you get some pretty damn incredible stuff that isn't on the menu.

This was our first time, so we ordered off the menu. We ordered BBQ pork, a good-sized serving with dipping sauce for $5, and potstickers. The potstickers were crunchy and thoroughly steaming hot when they came to the table—we inhaled them, in spite of the temperature.

The atmosphere is post-fast food. A couple of fridges are in the dining room, and everything is clean, but not showy. Signs in chinese and korean advertise specials, while crabs scuttle around their tank.

I had the seafood & bean curd in clay pot, which was excellent and very mild: a lovely flavorful sauce, fresh seafood perfectly cooked, lots of veg and tofu which had absorbed the sauce. My copilot ordered the seafood noodles with gravy, a new-to-us concoction of broth, egg noodles, more perfectly cooked, perfectly fresh seafood, egg, and of course, a moo goo gai pan-like sauce—very mild, curious, and quite good.

They offer two free refills on sodas as well as beer, wine and sake.

At the end of the meal, I offered that the kim-chi really looked good, and it was like I had said the magic words. Oh! Just ask for it next time, the waitress said, clearly pleased that I had some lick of sense. Next time I will ask about the signs, oh yes...

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I get take-out here all the time. The food is fantastic and authentically flavorful with a reasonable bill. Lots of great family-style tables as well. Exposed some filmmaker friends of mine to this place recently and they loved it!

JD said:

I go there with my family nearly every weekend. They make their steamed dumplings by hand and from scratch. You can easily taste the freshness.

They also have some spicy chicken wings, those are my favorite. Actually, they really aren't that spicy. Which is awesome since i don't have an iron tongue for that type of food.

The service is great and the food is fantastic. The price is excellent as well.



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