Fat Albert's Breakfast Cafe

6668 SE Milwaukie Ave
(503) 872-9822
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Fat Albert's Breakfast Cafe
inside Fat Albert's
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This westmoreland haunt is a favorite, and for good reason. Like the name suggests, they don't hold back. So don't be surprised if you have a line ahead of you of Starbucks drinking hipster young families, hipster elderly people, and just hipsters, as well as runners and bicyclists who are rewarding themselves for their virtuousness. It generally isn't too long of a wait because the folks that work there are merciless about moving campers along.

I asked for a suggestion, and was told to order the Kim's Fav, an omelet with cheddar cheese, bacon, and avocado with sour cream and salsa. Which is how I ended up with a breakfast that should have quite rightly killed me. I felt like I should feel like I had participated in a Roman orgy while eating it, and truth be told, it was very good, but didn't feel very decadent (which I quess just tells you how low I've fallen).

Biscuits and gravy should have been better. The biscuits were fresh and huge, but the gravy was bland and barely tasted of sausage. I remember it being better, so maybe its just an off day.

The salad eater omelet, filled with veggies, comes sauteed on request, and man, that was good. The veggies were perfectly cooked, right on that line between raw and overdone. Hashbrowns are shreddy and nice, especially with the Special Aardvark Habanero sauce on all the tables. Coffee was good, not exceptional, and breads are from Grand Central. Oh! And, they have a housemade raspberry jam that is addictive.

All in all, a solid breakfast joint with some real care put into it. The downsides, of course, are how popular it is, how chock-a-block full of tables it is (while it probably is wheelchair accessible, I wouldn't try it during primetime on a weekend). But, once you get seated, the kitchen is fast, the staff sassy and constantly bringing coffee and water, and it's a fun funky place.

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AdamD said:

I enjoyed my trip to Fat Albert's, but it's pretty easy for a crowded restaurant to ruin my chances of returning. Of course, a crowded place doesn't want to change that. If they're as packed as they can be, they're probably maximizing their revenue.

Anyway, one additional downside to how crowded they are is that they won't seat you without your entire party.

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