May 19, 2006

goodies at Hillsdale Farmers Market this Sunday

yummy vegetarian tarts!food porn: pastramiI love the Hillsdale Farmers Market. It's not too small, it's not too big, but it's full of tasty stuff and it's just right. For me at least. Anyhow, let me come out and say that I have friends at the market who make some incredible food. I don't benefit from mentioning them, but I'd like to see them flourish, and I bet you'd like their food too.

Basically, look for the Pastrami King and Little Pots and Pans. Little Pots and Pans will be there with their wonderful vegetarian tarts, and well, I bet you can guess what the Pastrami King will have. Though, honestly, every thing I've gotten at the HFM has been really very good.


Hi there,

I already had this weekend's market on my calendar, but since you recommended them, I tried the vegetarian tarts. Specifically, we purchased the zucchini-pesto version and the mushroom-leek version. They were delicious. The pastry was flaky and delectable, and the fillings were very, very good. My companion commented that the fillings could use a bit more seasoning, but to me, they seemed subtle and perfectly balanced. Thanks for the recommendation!

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