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Goodwill on 10thI was curious to check out the new Goodwill downtown. In the manner of previous downtown thrifts, this is aiming at better-heeled bargain hunters. Unlike most Goodwills, there is a controlled and calm, edited presence in On 10th. Racks are not overwhelmed by clothing, and the clothes don't appear written in (unlike most Goodwill garb). There is an overabundance of mall brands and higher-end mail-order, quite gently used, in an overabundance of small sizes.

While most Goodwills have an adult clothing base price of $6.99 (with better quality stuff more, and less desirables less), the On 10th employees stammered when I asked about a base price there (I'm guessing $25.99, with t's for $7.99, jeans $9.99, and some other items $14.99—though I saw other items at $199.99). To be fair, corporate prices their clothing before it ever comes downtown. So I asked about the clothing selected. I guess that the majority of stores do not contribute to the downtown store—just two stores do. So your neighborhood Goodwill might have the same sorts of gems at a cheaper price.

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ExtraMSG said:

Goodwill is barely a thrift store anymore. They're more a charity that you decide to overpay for stuff at. As a computer person, it's quite hilarious to see the prices they put on used computer equipment. Then you remember that some poor -- emphasis on the "poor" -- schmoe paid that ridiculous price and you realize they're often taking from the same people they're giving to. I've seen shoes go for higher prices than in the store. The only stuff that's usually at a good price is the junk that should be in a landfill somewhere.

Rant over.



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