Hot Lips Pizza

2211 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
(503) 234-9999
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721 NW 9th Ave. (at EcoTrust)
(503) 595-2342
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1909 SW 6th Ave.
(503) 224-0311
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4825 SW 76th Ave. (Fred Meyer Shopping Center), Raleigh Hills
(503) 297-8424
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groovy and good pizza

Hot Lips Pizza near PSUI'm not sure when it happened, but maybe 5,7 years ago, Hot Lips Pizza got serious. The sauce got consistent, and the ingredients started being higher end or organic or sustainable. Then even more recently, they started making their own berry/fruit sodas, dude, without high-fructose corn syrup! It's a little heavy for me, but berrylovers would probably really like it. And now they make a chipotle and an habanero sauce, and canned jalapenos! Where will it end?

All silliness aside, Hot Lips is one of the best pizza joints in town for pizza by the slice. The pepperoni is wonderful. There are always vegetarian options. There are always salads and cookies or brownies. You've got your choice of craft brews, the homebrewed soda, or normal sodas.

If you like things a little spicy, try a slice with a little habanero sauce on top. Now, damn, that's good.

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