Hot Pot City

1975 SW 1st Ave, Suite J
(503) 224-6696
get there via trimet
Taiwanese hot pot

Hot Pot City
plate of goodies, pre-broth
Goodies, post-broth
Okay, this is the way it works. Either park in the Portland Center Plaza parking lot, or walk through the urban renewal district and look for the place that is entirely fogged up. When you come into the tight space around the door, head immediately to the hot pot bar, unless you want to hot pot family style. Pull up a seat and consider your broth options.

This is similar to shabu-shabu. You get a broth, in a pot, on a burner, and you get to toss various protein, starch and veggies in, as you wish. Once you've chosen from their 7 asian broths (vegetarian, Ma-la [herbs and red pepper], Thai-style hot sour, pao-cai [pickled cabbage Korean style], xiang-cai [Chinese cilantro with egg], and meat [yes, I know that's only six, but there is another, really]), you can go and load up on soda, dipping sauce, and goodies for your broth.

The goodies vary, naturally, but include frozen shaved meat, meat balls, stuffed wonton, k-crab, frozen and fresh tofu, a couple types of noodles, and then a bar of vegetables. You choose just what you'd like. Then go plunk yerself down in front of your steaming pot of broth, and start cooking. The best thing: you can go back again and again.

If you have questions, just ask. The Tsais are very helpful, funny, and very real.

Lunch is an amazing $7.50, with dinner $12.50 (I think)—dinner has more seafood, and just more stuff.

I love this place. It's fun people-watching and you get to play with your food. And, you can eat so virtuously, and it's so good.

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March 17, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (3)


Razib Ahmed said:

I am just curious to know why there is such a big difference between the price of lunch and dinner. Are the food itmes spicy?

vj said:

I haven't been there for dinner, but from what I've heard, they have a much bigger selection of items on the food bar, including lots of seafood.
And, you can make it spicy if you'd like, but it doesn't necessarily have to be spicy. I like things hot, but my usual companion there is seriously not into spicy food, and she always suggests Hot Pot City.

evrlyn said:

The bathroom isn't the greatest but the diningroom is clean, along with the buffet. The staff is nice and attentive. I have been there twice for lunch and both times were pleasant. It took us about 40 minutes to eat and we left because there was a line at the door. You shouldn't campout when others are trying to eat. Go to a cafe and finish your conversation. It is a fun and unusual experience.



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