July 31, 2006

Maintenance week at AltPortland

under construction!This week is Maintenance Week here at AltPortland. I hope to still have some tidbits of tasty Portlandophile info for you, but I'm going to concentrate on doing clean-up, cross-indexing, and the like.

But hey, you say: what's in it for me?! Well, I'm hoping to make things easier to find. And I'm also trying to make room for new sections like Questions Answered and Better Know a Geographical Feature.

This doesn't mean I'm going on vacation or starting grad school -- really. I'll post a report each day on my progress.

My first act of maintenance: adding search. It's on every page at the top right, next to the logo thingee. Enjoy!


Food Dude said:

Maybe I'm just stupid and don't see it, but it would be really nice if you had a 'home' button, or if one could just click on your logo to get home. If you come here by search engine and want to see the rest of your site, it's a pain.

My .02
Feel free to criticize my site now;)

vj said:

No, Food Dude, you're absolutely right. I have a new design in the works which will address that, but getting the background stuff taken care of takes so much longer than I expect (as you probably well know).

I'll make some amends this AM. Thanks!

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