Oaks Bottom Public House

1621 S.E. Bybee
get there via trimet
12 taps of Lompoc & craftbrew goodness

Oaks Bottom
Inside Oaks Bottom
The Oaks Bottom Grand Opening is Saturday, April 1, but the pub is open now. And, it appears to be a great hit.

Jim Parker, former Oregon Brewers Guild director and general indicator of good beer, and Jerry Fechter (of the Lompoc empire) have opened this tiny, comfortable pub in the former location of Tartine and the Jones Public House. Lights are comfortably low, yet it's not dark. Boothes line one wall (a wheelchair ramp the other, yay!), and biggish tables designed for sharing. They have a full menu of food, and I'm assuming they'll be working the kinks out of that. Two words to remember: tater tots.

But let's talk about the important stuff: beer. They feature 6 Lompoc taps, and 6 guest taps. Last night that meant Caldera Pilsner, Bend Brewing Big Eddy ESB, Amnesia Double Whammy, Terminal Gravity Porter, Walking Man Sasquatch Imperial Red, and Pelican IPA. They have hard alcohol as well, and a Sunday Bloody Mary special.

There are some outside tables, and I'm not sure about bike parking. Last night, the place was full to the rafters.

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March 27, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (12)


Angelhair said:

Just curious, what were the pint prices like?

vj said:

I don't have any idea, to be honest. Either, they are incredibly cheap, or we were undercharged (and I'm leaning towards the latter). Further investigation is in order, bother!

jc said:

I was there last night as well. Tried the C-Note IPA. Very fresh and delicious. $2.50? No ATM machine until Weds. I liked the atmosphere of the place.

Jim Parker said:

Hi, Jim here from Oaks Bottom. Pint prices are $3.50 or $2.75 for Lompoc beers 3-6 p.m. daily. We did an opening weekend special of $2.50 Lompoc pints. We will also be adding a $2 pint day... film at 11.

rob said:

A good place for a burger and a beer???

rob said:

What are the hours? Good place for a burger & a beer??

vj said:

Hours, I'm not sure. Maybe Jim will chime in?

A beer, definitely. I went there on opening weekend, and I don't think they had all of their bugs out. I haven't been back since. The burger was good, the fries, not so much. But who knows? I'm hoping to get back there soon. If you go, let us know how the burger is!

Marc said:

We've been twice. The food was very good and beer was great. A welcome addition to our neighborhood (Jone's was terrible). Prices were fair and really enjoyed meeting the staff and Jim. Super nice folks.
Have to mention the real deal here - tot-cho's.
It's a marriage of tater tots and nachos. There has been no union discovered this good since the invention of reeses peanut butter cups.
We'll be there more, even worth the wait.

Marc said:

By the way the burgers were great (5 out of 5 in our party agreed) and I liked the fries too.
Real good place. I think the hours are 11am to midnight but I'm only kind of positive on the closing time.

vj said:

I saw the tot-chos, and thought, very dangerous. The only thing better/worse would be deep-fried macaroni and cheese!

Josh said:

The Back patio is now open. I stopped by Monday evening and it's excellent. This a great addition to a top notch pub.

Pub Wailer said:

No posts here in a loooong while, but I should mention that every Wednesday evening at the Oaks Bottom Publick House a group of male English folk dancers arrive at 9:30pm or so and sing pub songs (with songsheets for diners) until closing. It's fun and loud and like nothing that's happening in Portland on Wednesday nights.

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