July 27, 2006

Oregonian on Portland's Indie Rock Scene

An article about the DIY Portland music scene, just in time for PDX Pop Now! It's in the InPortland section of today's Oregonian if you'd like to see the printed version.

Our own tune: Singing, recording, selling, promoting . . . Portland's DIY ethic is creating an indie music capital
Thursday, July 27, 2006
By Amy Hsuan

Let's consider Portland musicians -- once unemployed loafers, now accidental entrepreneurs.

At first, he's penniless with dubious job prospects, looking for a creative safe haven and cheap rent. She has talent with instruments, scoffs at stardom and thinks money is the devil's creditor.

They find sanctuary here. A record store on almost every corner, venues of varying sizes, a mass of like-minded music junkies. He taps the Internet, free in some neighborhoods. She plugs into the city's do it yourself mantra. Then, they begin a business -- in the basement.

A fledgling industry has hatched in Portland. Hundreds, maybe thousands, with similar tales drive the new trade -- an anti-industry, really. Their business has little to do with fortune or fame.

An aligning of the stars, new technology and Portland's distinctive up-yours, can-do spirit spins the independent music uprising. It puts the city on the short-short list of destinations for sound. And it's turning the Music Industry upside down.


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