Orient (the) Chinese Restaurant & Lounge

1025 NE Broadway (at 11th)
(503) 282-5811
get there via trimet

The OrientSickie food in my household is amerochinese, the unchallenging chinese food of our youth. But, the things you really want when you're sick: hot & sour soup, eggrolls, maybe some kung pao chicken—well, why is it so difficult to find decent food close to home?

The Orient is not the sort of place I'd recommend you eat at. It's odd. The bar is bright and undistinguished, and the dining room is essentially a long hall with booths on both sides. And rails in front of the booths, just, I guess, so customers don't get out of line. Or something.

Take-out is a mixed bag. Hot & sour soup is actually spicy, and while no one will confuse it with Wong's King Seafood's or Sungari, it's not bad (and the best, sigh, I've had from NE). They show a bit of care with their foodstuffs: a garlicky dipping sauce for potstickers, crab puffs actually taste a little like crab and contain scallions, and deep fried items are separated from their sauces (dude, so they're crispy still!). Still, the entries were no great shakes and may well have come from Panda Compress for all I know.

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December 1, 2005 | Permalink | Comments (1)


Food Dude said:

I was walking my dog past this place late one night a few months ago. Someone opened the door and a huge cloud of let's just say green smoke came pouring out the door. Brought back memories of college dorms. I always wondered how the food was.

I'm enjoying reading your site.

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