Original Hotcake & Steak House

1002 SE Powell Blvd
(503) 236-7402
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Hot Cake House
The brekkie menu at the hot cake house
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I wasn't expecting much going in. The Hot Cake House is a Portland institution, but a slightly frightening one.

This garish corner in Brooklyn has wonderful neon, but that's about all it has, appearance-wise, going for it.

The Hot Cake House is a 24 hour joint that serves mostly breakfast, though some sandwiches and burgers are also on the menu.

I had read that most people order the hot cakes, so I got them with eggs and chorizo. After seeing the hashbrowns on the grill, I had to have some of those as well, and they conveniently come with a mexican omelette.

And voila, everything was great. Not like exquisitely great, but definitely diner food great. Eggs and chorizo were a huge portion of just that, lots of chorizo, everything nicely combined. If they had fresh corn tortillas, I might eat breakfast nowhere else. The hot cakes were absolutely hot cake-like, doused in some butter-like substance, and then served with something that is heated, but probably not pure maple syrup. Hell, it may contain no maple syrup for all I know (I saw some patrons bring in their own)!

The mexican omelette was stocked full of cheese, chorizo, onions and peppers, and the hashbrowns are thinly shred, but these are bigger thin shreds, nice and brown. If I lived in the neighborhood, I might be there all the time. The coffee looks scary—we didn't go there.

The place is small, a combination of fast food booths and homebuilt stuff, all a very cheerful yellow. The people watching, day or night, is superb.

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GreyDuck said:

I've always had a soft spot for Hot Cake House, and occasionally manage to divert my girlfriend from her usual haunt (My Father's Place) as a change of pace. Yay!

J.J. said:

I must say, I echo VJ's sentiments - and the dish she had, the eggs and chorizo, is my favorite. It's that loose, taqueria-style chorizo that has incredible flavor (with all the grease, yes, but whachagonnado?). The coffee, by the way, is only recommended if you load it up with sugar and cream. Even then, it's pretty weak. But, the place is totally reliable.

MEL said:


weenlette said:

oh mother. we went here after experiencing the godhead of stumptown coffee, so the "coffee" was just a convenient brown liquid to make chasing the biscuit gravy down our necks more interesting. ordered 4 times more food than our puny stomachs could hold and wallets could manage because it ALL LOOKED SO FUCKING (i can swear here,right??) AMAZING!!! and it didn't disappoint. i'll have to go googlemap one better by saying that it's mind blowing diner food. to qualify, it was not only affordable (for this day-n-age) but tasty, filling, fattening (having no regard for the sensitivity of human inner workings), and one half step shy of barely diverse. the biscuits in the B&G were a bit sweet for my taste but they did the job; the gravy was GREAT, being a little bit spicy, just like i like it! the hashbrowns were unprecedented, being as wide as a fettucini noodle, and a bit thinner, and unashamedly doused with a buttery oil substance then mercilessly fried within an inch of their lives. my advice: order extra gravy for your browns. TO. DIE. FOR. probably literally, but you'll die happy. my co-diners cooed over the pancakes and bacon. my stomach rebelled and wouldn't hold more'n the biscuits, gravy, 'n' browns. GO HERE, people.



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