Pattie's Home Plate Cafe

8501 N. Lombard
(503) 289-7285
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Pattie's Home Plate
One part community meeting space, one part resale shop, one part Av0n distributor, one part diner, it's one big jumbled mess and it's Pattie's. They must be doing something right, as they've been in business since before the turn of the century (this last one at least). Breakfast there is unexceptional, and it's not for a lack of not trying. The taco meat that appears in an omelette is just unseasoned hamburger. Does the cook use salt and pepper? Everything appears to be in some sort of food service packaging, and truly, in some sort of chaos.

This is the sort of place that makes me think, yeah, if I were willing to give up my life, I'd be able to have a diner-cum-resale shop. The dining area is clean and tidy, but one of the counters is completely covered with stuff, including a soda fountain which has had better days. I admit, looking at the piled up stuff (merchandise? a goodwill donation?) unnerved me, and sort of lowered my expectations. And lowered expectations are good—no one is going to confuse this with John St down the way.

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January 25, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (4)


Food Dude said:

Funniest review I've read in a long time:) You manage to say much in so little words.

PS. Thanks for the "home" button. I was scared you were gonna say it had been there the whole time.

Ben said:

Wow. I have sort of disliked Patty's since they strong-armed's Ed (Ed's sports cards) out of his side of the rent. I grew up going to that place, and the kids annoyed her. Ed was all about kids. So the whole thing seemed pretty cold to me. Yay for old people?

MATT said:

just so you know Ed is not all about the kids & he gave up his part of the shop do to lack of bussiness so before you talk crap know what you are talking about ok little Ben. food dude sorry about your taco omelette not the house special please do come try your philly steak omelette thanks Matt

Ben said:

Hey, now. It's not fair to say Ed isn't all about the kids. I saw a lot of his generosity while working there. The description of your Grandma's place above really isn't all that positive to begin with.

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