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philly cheesesteakMaybe we were there on a bad night. Maybe the guys cooking were too high. Maybe the beer lines weren't clean. But usually there's something redeemable about a joint, and this time, there was nothing. We got the philly cheesesteak, hold the onions (which meant there were nice big chunks of onions), and an italian sausage, which had everything, sausage, peppers, onion, in a rough dice. The cheesesteak was nothing to write home about, except for the amazingly small meat to bun ratio. The sausage was tasteless, covered with incipid marinara, poorly cooked peppers and onions, and doughy bread. We had gotten the recommended porter, and a brown. The porter had a nice mocha nose, but tasted like mud. The brown had no nose, and tasted like mud too. We left all of it there, and got dinner at DQ, which was cheap and tasty.

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Jessica said:

How sad! I used to go there all the time, and the sandwiches were always huge and stuffed with great-tasting ingredients. I hope you were just there on a bad night, because I like to think they're still great. (Of course, I was always there for lunches, never dinner. But still!)

Michael said:

Alas, Philadelphia's has gone down hill. I live close by and go back from time to time, usually after my memory of the last experience has faded. One of my favorites in the Westmoreland district is Sticker's Asian Cafe on Milwaukie close to Bybee.

J.J. said:

Unfortunately, I've got to echo the negativity. When I first got to town, I lived in Milwaukie. So I spent a fair amount of time in Sellwood, etc. I was really excited to see a place that focused on the Philly Cheese. Holy shit, what a letdown. This was about six years ago, but it sounds like things haven't changed.

Marc said:

I find Philly's is hit and miss. The beer I don't love to I stick to the eats. Typically the standard cheesesteak and meatball subs kick butt. As do the turkey subs.
Now the chicken philly sands - gross. Always too greasey and no flavor.
We find the hit and miss is more the food you order than the night you go. Although the pic on the front that is a ridiculous small amount of meat on your cheesesteak. Something was way off.
I'm not ready to give up yet!

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