Red Coach Restaurant

615 SW Broadway
(503) 227-4840
get there via trimet
find a bike route
cash, burgers, lunch
Monday-Friday, 11-3:00

hamburger & fries
Does it get any more old school than Red Coach? I don't think so.

Red Coach is open from 11-3 weekdays, and they take cash only. A minimum order is $5.

The menu is unexceptional: burgers start at $4.50, ala carte, and go up to $9.25. Cheese is an option, as is bacon.

Sandwiches ($6.50) include a BLT, grilled cheese, grilled tuna & cheese, and a grilled tuna. They come with fries.

There's a chili plate or a sloppy joe for $7.25, or a dinner salad with tuna and cheese for $5.75. And there are sides of fries, side salad, and chili ($3-$4).

All drinks are $1.50, other than the milkshakes ($4/$6).

So let's talk about lunch. While we've had the BLT on occasion, this time, we got cheeseburgers. You can get it with bacon—we did. Don't get uppity though -- there's only one kind of cheese. The burger comes on a pillowy bun with krinkle cut fries.

There is something so delightful about this place. It's not cheap (a bacon cheeseburger is $8.00), and as they only take cash, not always so easy, and the food is not by any stretch of the imagination gourmet. Maybe it's the table service, or the sea of maroon vinyl, or the strange enclosed garden out the window, maybe it's the homemade shakes, or maybe it's the fact that it's so insanely fast. I timed it; 6 minutes between ordering, and having a cheeseburger of my own. Anyways, it's great in an anti-bistro burger sort of way.

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December 3, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (2)


No one said:

I remember the Red Coach when it was on Morrison by the Corbett building. Only we called it the Red Roach.........

Katherine Herberholz Brunner said:

I worked for Bob in the old days (the early 70's) when they were on Morrison and it had the best burgers in PDX. Jeanne was the hostess and little Jeannie was the grill cook, those were the days of waitreses, Inga and Bonnie Jean. I remember running orders up the backstairs when Bob opened up the back area.
The menus was simple but fast and good. Business people knew they could come in and with in 5-7 minutes of sitting down minutes have their order and in some cases we had memorized their orders and it arrived at their table almost at the same time they did. Great service, good attitudes and quick simple food made the Red Coach famous.Thanks Bob and Jeanne!


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