Snow White Crepes

January 30, 2007

Snow White Crepes

SW Alder between 10th & 11th
get there via trimet
find a bike route

Someone asked me about the whereabouts of the Snow White Crepe stand that used to be where the giant hole is, across from the Guild and the Fox and Mercantile and Flying Elephants. At the time, I had no idea where they had gone, and I thought that maybe the owner had retreated to her other restaurant, the curiously named Husky, Maltese, Whatever.

I was out on a walk today when I saw it -- Snow White Crepes! It looked, well, a lot worse for the wear. I didn't stop to try the food, the proprietor scares me, but if you are seeking it, you shall find it in the parking lot looking into Jake's Grill at the Governor.

And speaking, why don't we turn all of the parking lots and parking structures into food cart lands? Wouldn't it be great if you could get decent pad thai on the fourth floor of the fish structure? Maybe it would spur downtown restaurants into lowering prices or actually making decent food. Wuhoo, capitalism, this time actually working for us!

(By the way, I will be scarce this week. I've got some big deadlines at work that are spilling into my personal life. I hate that! But I'll be back as soon as I am able.)

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I'd kill for some food carts down here on the South Waterfront. We have one, that's rarely open and is scary when it is open.

Posted by: Mary Sue at January 31, 2007 09:24 AM

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