June 26, 2006

Staying cool when it's hot

Every summer, there are a few days, or a few weeks, that are HOT. And by hot, I mean in the 90s or, heaven forbid, the triple digits. So, what do you do if you're heat-impaired and you don't have central air in your abode? I've got a few suggestions, but I'd like to hear what you do (so I can glom onto it).

  • Malls
    (bonus if they have an ice rink!)
  • Movies
    (obviously, you're looking for corporate theatres here; beer theatres & second-runs just don't get that cold)
  • get wet
  • stand in a beer fridge
    (I like Beaumont Market's... Nice selection of beer and space enough for you and a couple of close friends)
  • Powell's

What's your fav place to cool off when it's hot outside?


Jill said:

I'd say go to a good museum, but that means you'd have to go to another city. ;o)

Angelhair said:

I got caught in the sprinklers at the park this morning.

But for planned refreshment, I really like to go to the Goowill near SE Grand. Super cheap books that are well-organized.

I also like to see bad movies that are flops. There is no one else there and you can heckle like you're in your own living room! Garfield II, anyone?

Chris said:

Places to go when it's hot:

The Triple Nickel: has great A/C
The Vern: Ditto
Blue Monk: Ditto
Belmont Station: It's always 68 degrees in here.
Horse Brass: probably one of the only places in town where you can smoke in A/C

It's days like this when I'm happy to work in a giant cooler :)

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