Sungari Restaurant

735 SW 1st Ave
(503) 224-0800
get there via trimet

Sungari entranceSungari is the best, and nicest presented, chinese food in downtown. Not that that's some exalted thing, as the bar is set so very low in Portland, and especially downtown. For lunch, everything is $10 or less, and you have the choice of ordering with or without soup. The menu is crowded with interesting looking dishes, including some vegetarian & Szechuan options. And while the portions are small, the food is good.

My problem is with the service. I came in just before 1pm and asked for a table for one. I waited for 8 minutes to be seated. There had been 3 or 4 4-tops open, but I was never offered one of those. During the time I waited, no groups came in, no couples, no singles, nobody, except a guy for his call-in order. I was finally seated when a couple left, and their 2-top was free. And maybe my waiter was having a bad day. But he seemed to be annoyed to be waiting on me. And when there are orchids on the table, I expect that someone will feign to be pleased to get my tip. Is that wrong? My waiter won! This one's moving into my not-recommended but I'll-eat-there-if-someone-else-suggests-it,-and-not-make-a-fuss file. Would I go back on my own? No way.

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