Vegas v. Portland!

Nothing like a trip away to make you really appreciate Portland. Las Vegas is really something, yes indeedy, a combination of Disneyworld and Mall of the Americas and Spring Break and the Acropolis (the one in Milwaukie, not the one in Greece). It's everything that's wonderful and embarassing about the United States.

man made environment Colossal feats of civil engineering Natural beauty and urban planning
on the main drag14 lanes of traffic on LV Blvd3 lanes of traffic on Broadway
gamblingEverything on the strip has its own casinoEvery lower-end bar downtown has its own Video Crack
Pedestrianshave bridges over the traffic have the right of way
Bicyclistsrisk their lives riding by the curbare traffic
Everyonechain smokes everywhere drinks alot, everywhere (local coffee, tea, microbrew, wine)
Apparently, people loveshopping and gambling and are skinnyoutdoor sports and eating and drinking and are chubby
Shopping & EatingLots of high-end shopping, and dining at big name chefs' restaurantsLots of low-end shopping, and great meals with local ingredients at great prices
Beer on tapMiller High Life, Coors, Corona Widmer Hefeweizen, Mirror Pond Pale, Full Sail Amber, Black Butte Porter
What happensin Vegas happens at night in Portland happens before 9pm
NeonLots of itSome very cool neon
Tigersat the Mirageat the Oregon Zoo
Chihulyat the Bellagioat the Japanese Garden
Urban waterfallseverywhere you turnthat everyone loves & uses
Sales tax7.750%No sales tax
Getting aroundthe Monorail, $5 per ride
the Deuce (public bus), $2 per ride
Downtown & Lloyd Center are fareless square, so no fare on MAX, Streetcar or buses unless you're leaving the area
Boat ridesThe gondola at the Venetian, $15 per person or $60 a couple, 15 minutes longWater Taxi, August, free;
Jet boat rides $20 per adult, 1 hour long
Women's clothingslinky, sparkly, high-heeled, self-conscious business casual, Keen sandals, ready for a run or a ski trip
The quickest path anywhereis through a casinois via free public transit in fareless square
blocksLong, unendingShort, walkable
Sex workProstitution is legalStill, we have more strip bars

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