Beaumont Market

4130 NE Fremont
(503) 284-3032
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Beaumont Mkt
Beaumont Mkt
I love this neighborhood market. Sure, prices are more than at the bigger groceries, but they have a full selection of fruit and veg, fresh baked breads from Grand Central and others, frozen foods, packaged goods, fresh pasta, dairy, and meats. Perhaps their best features hides in a walk in beer cooler—an excellent beer supply.

There is nothing better than a beer cooler on a hot day. Well, a dip in a pool or a lake is close, but still. A beer cooler is hard to beat. And especially a beer cooler with some real taste! They have a shelving unit of belgians, a rack of appropriate glassware, and rows and rows of special regionals and imports. They have sixes of all your favorites. And they have a great, though small, collection of lawn mower beers, say if your father-in-law is coming by.

I love being cold when it's 100 degrees outside. And I love having a dilemma when picking out beer.

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