Byways Cafe

1212 NW Glisan St
(503) 221-0011
get there via trimet
find a bike route
7-3, weekends 7:30-2

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Byways Cafe

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Byways is, by all appearances, a kitschy diner. But it's a really good kitschy diner. It's been in the Pearl since before the Pearl was called the Pearl.

First, let's look at breakfast, which runs til 11am on weekdays and all day on the weekends. The coffee is good, and hot. The menu looks like the usual greasy spoon fare: eggs & protein, omelettes, pancakes, hash. In fact they serve four different types of hash which look beautiful and taste even better. Griddle fare includes buttermilk pancakes, but also amaretto french toast, and super fabulous blue corn hotcakes with pecan butter. Eggs are treated respectfully and are always tasty. Potatoes are well-cooked home fries—not my fav, but hey. And, I don't know that this is the best bacon in town, but it's sure the best bacon I've had in town for quite a while.

Lunch is more of the same, stuff that sounds unassuming and unexciting until it's in front of you. They have malts, brown cows (coke with vanilla ice cream), rootbeer floats, stewarts sodas and arnold palmers (lemonade & iced tea). The lunch menu is the three Ss: soup, salads, sandwiches. The prices range from $3-$9, and the salads range from tuna salad, chef, cobb, greek, back to chicken salad. French fries accompany all the sandwiches, and they're thick on one side, thin on the other!

The counter makes great seating if you're there by yourself, and the booths, by the display case of vintage travel souvenirs are great if it's quiet or you're in a small group.

This is a small place and popular, so on the weekends, bring the paper and plan on a wait.

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Adron said:

Byways rocks!

I often take a ride on the Portland Streetcar down to the corner, pop off and up the block to Byways. Commense to grab a great breakfast/lunch.

Often times I'll have my eats and then head over to the Tea place right around the corner across the street from the Streetcar stop. Get a bubble tea and go wait for the north bound Streetcar to roll me home.

It's a great place. :) Dig it!

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