Portland Chain Restaurants

Local Restaurant Chains in Portland

El Burrito Loco
1942 N Portland Blvd
NE 82nd
and other locations

Lunch, dinner
Mexican taqueria
Can you say cheap, good, unpretentious? Burrito Loco is the oldest of the "authentic" taquerias in town, with inexpensive, filling, and yummy burritos, and tacos. It's a storefront, and like the other good taquerias, often standing room only.

Buster's BBQ
17833 SE McLoughlin, N of Gladstone, 503-652-1076
11419 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard, 503-452-8384
1355 NE Burnside, Gresham, 503-667-4811

lunch, dinner
Texan bbq
John writes: "Directions are really superfluous on a dry day; just follow the hickory smoke, as Buster's smokes all their own Q on premises. Small to large portions of nine different meats are found at reasonable prices, with three choices of sauce (sweet, mild & hot), as well as five different sides, dessert, and a small selection of beer and wine. Finest Q in the area, bar none."7/2003

Cup and Saucer Café
3566 SE Hawthorne, 236-6001
3000 NE Killingsworth

A vegetarian-friendly café
breakfast, lunch, dinner
Beloved, yet awful. But the scones, rice krispy squares and espresso are generally excellent, as is the people watching.

Grand Central Bakery
22nd & Hawthorne, 15th & Weidler, 34th & Multnomah, Sellwood
European-style Bakery
A lot of places in town will drop Grand Central's name to lend credence to their own quality. There's a reason for that. The bread here is very good, as is the scones and sweets. They have sandwiches too, which are just spectacular. If you like crusty breads, this is worth going out of your way for. Of course, most higher-end markets also carry Grand Central's breads.

Pho Hung
4717 SE Powell Blvd, 775-3170
7330 NE Fremont, 284-8355
13227 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton, 626-2888

7 days, Lunch, dinner
Vietnamese Pho house
Pho is Vietnamese beef rice-noodle soup, though Pho Hung also has a delicious chicken soup. If you're new to the pho tradition, the soup can serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner, and comes to the table in large bowls filled with rice noodles, your meat selection and lots of broth, with a plate of basil or cilantro, sprouts, chili peppers, and lime, as well as Vietnamese hot sauce, to garnish your entree. In spite of the improvements to Pho Hung's atmosphere, no one will confuse Pho Hung with Pho Van. But Pho Hung has really emergedas a sweet little cafe, with pho as its highlight. You can also get appetizers, rice dishes, bun (vermicelli noodles), and Vietnamese crepes here, all good. The pho broth here is mild, and there are infinite options combinations of meats and meatballs. The real high point for me is the staff. We frequent the NE Fremont location, and their staff is unfailingly kind and attentive. My recent attempts to eat a crepe were met with the sweetest pantomime by a staff member who didn't have a great command of English, but did have an incredible command of customer service. A meal for two with appetizers, pop and a tip rang in at $18 -- and worth every penny.

4915 NE Fremont, (503) 281-2322
5627 SW Kelly, (503) 246-5040

old style burger bar
You either love or hate this old-stylee burger bar. I hate it. This is from a fan: "You won't find much variety on Stanich's menu, they're inserted into the little plastic ad thingys that stand on the tables. However, if you're looking for the best deal on kickass burgers and fries, you've come to the right place... Stanich's is built upon wonderful, great, greasy ass burgers that you know are killing you but you can't stop eating because it tastes soooo good. Portions are large, no burger over $6 and most around or under $5. Only order the special (EVERYTHING on it) if you are feeling particularly hungry. The patties aren't huge (probably 1/3lb), but the toppings are generous (up to and including ham and egg). You can get fries on the side for a buck, but if there's a few of you it's better just to order a couple large baskets at $3 a pop. The fries are fresh cut and medium thick, somewhere between shoestring and country style. PBR and Widmer on tap, in case you are so inclined. Hope you're hungry, and don't forget to ask for grilled onions." 7/2003

NW 21st and Lovejoy
Beaverton, near the Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy Target

High class (but not high end) Indian
from meBigGuy (5/27/2000): "Try Swagat in Beaverton...Indian Buffet in a house next to Target...best lunch deal around...a few dishes are INCREDIBLE...Includes Tandori Chicken. Get stuffed for 5.95, seven days a week." They also offer a non-buffet dinner which is a fav with many.

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