Edelweiss Sausage Co & Deli

3119 SE 12th Ave
(503) 238-4411
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9 am-6 pm Monday-Thursday and Saturday, 9 am-7 pm Friday.
German deli

Edelweiss sausage & delicatessenWalking in the door of Edelweiss on a Saturday can be intimidating. You'd be forgiven for not trusting that there is a deli. You have to walk into the place, past the German speaking shopladies, through the tight aisleways, and squeeze past the hoards of people who are in getting their sausages and cold cuts for the weekend. The whole experience can be a bit overwhelming. And it doesn't help if the shop ladies laugh at you. Remember, it's nothing personal, they mean well, it's just German humor.

Make your life easier, and make an immediate right by the magazines. You'll see the fast food tables set up, as well as a cooler of beers and pop. You can grab something there but keep in mind that there are three beers on tap.

Now, head to the back of the shop, to the Northwest corner, and there's where you can buy lunch, and no, you don't need a number.

When we were there, the Russian or Ukrainian woman behind the counter treated us with soviet efficiency. She glared at us for not ordering something to drink, and then she glared when we changed our minds and went back to get some pilsner on tap. And yes, while it seems like a simple thing to put a sausage in a bun, and then put sauerkraut on top, she'll give you a number and someone will bring it out. Ten minutes later.

For $4, you can get a sausage with sauerkraut on a bun. They have three different kinds, but we were only offered mild or spicy, and honestly, I was afraid to ask for the weisswurst that I love. But our spicy sausages were good, with a nice snap.

You can also get sandwiches and 9 different salads, but I can't speak to that.

Supposably they offer the best reuben in town, and I suspect when it's less busy, they're probably happy to practice German with you. My pal Heather has lots of fond memories of going in and practicing Kinderdeutsch. We overheard someone haplessly telling the shoplady that he was from the Zoo (as in, he lived in the Zoo. No reports on if he looked like a monkey), and to their credit, they didn't laugh at him (though we did).

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Frieda Ulrich for the Portland Jodelklub Edelwyss said:

The Portland Jodelklub Edelwyss is preparing for the 26th Pacific Coast Swiss Singing and Jodeling Festival to be held in Portland, Or. July 17-20, 2008. We will present 250 singers and musicians for a Grand Concert at the Keller Auditorium on Friday, July 18th to an audience of hopefully 1500 people. On Saturday we will continue our festival at Paesano Park in Gresham with a full day of singing, jodeling, parade with Swiss cows, alphorns, childrens choir, guest musicians from Switzerland, lots of delicious food, traditional costumes and Swiss Landler music for dancing pleasure.

We are organizing a Souvenir Program Book with advertisements from all over the Portland area and hope you would like to be included with an ad from your fine establishment. You can check our website for all the information you need about placing an ad and anything else you might want to know about the festival.

http://swissfest2008.asharperfocus.net Questions? Call (541)745-7207 or e-mail us at bobulrich@earthlink.net.


Frieda Ulrich for the Portland Jodelklub Edelwyss

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