Veggie Guide to Portland Map

vegguide google map mashupJohn of Goatless wrote this, recently:

Next week I will be in Portland, OR for OSCON 2007. I know there's a lot of great vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and stores there, but I don't have a sense of where they are, and couldn't find a good map-based guide. makes a listing of restaurants and stores in the Portland area available as an RSS feed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license.

So, I put together a Yahoo! Pipe that takes the RSS feed from VegGuide and puts all the places on a map:

Veggie Guide to Portland

What a great idea! However, it would never load on my Comcastic! home Mac. Damn it, what a great idea though. Too bad it didn't work.

And then I noticed that John had left himself a comment that the KML file could be used by Google Maps. Kaching! Kaching!!

This pipe takes a listing from and GeoCodes each item. The end result allows users to browse a interactive Yahoo! map to see where veggie organizations are located in the Portland area

While I'm sure the Yahoo! Piped version has more nuances, the Google Mapped version is really good in a pinch.

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elizabeth said:

wow,how fantastic!
thank you! i'm visitng soon and had started something similar (1/2 assed) :|



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