CLOSED (now Tasty & Sons)
3808 N Williams Ave
(503) 292-2627
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October 11, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (10)


gaile said:

That review makes me wish I already lived there! as it is, I have to wait till January. Vegan food that doesn't rely completely on fake meat is a godsend for me (gluten intolerant), and this place sounds so like just the ticket. Thanks for the heads up!!

dieselboi said:

so excited. so so excited. Thanks for reviewing it.

Beer Batter said:

Tried it out the other day after hearing runors about it opening for months. I had some of the microgreens, the potato soup and the Locro de Verudas stew, and the Jamacian corn pone dessert. Every thing was amazingly tasty, superbly balanced flavors and I felt straangely healthy after my meal. The staff were super-nice and really helpful. I wish I lived closer so I could eat there more often.

Geoff K said:

At there tonight. It was simply fantastic. Started with the assorted bread and olive oil (they have a whole menu of olive oils to choose from). Then had the micro greens (YUM), a shot of soup, and then the Jamaican BBQ platter. Finished with a chocolate dessert which was divine.

I'd say rush out to Nutshell before word gets out, because when it does I think it's going to be an extremely hot spot!

Kathy said:

Agggghhh - wish they'd been open yesterday. I can't wait to try everything!

Megan said:

Thanks for the suggestion! I went there and LOVED it.

sara said:

It was indeed very tasty.


LeLo said:

Read your review and checked it out today. Wow. What a great place. Took a client there for lunch and we had a fantastic experience. Sitting in the window/open area edge was lovely: I had the grilled pineapple/onion with avocado sandwich on their homemade 100-grain bun, with fried bamboo on the side. Delicious. Courier coffee in a french press, and our service was perfect. I'll definitely be going back there: from the design of the place to the quality of the food, spot on. Thanks for turning me onto Nutshell!

Evan said:

Holy Smokes! Where to begin? Though we have only visited once (how is that possible?), I can say that our dinner was among my favorite of all time (no exaggeration whatsoever). We visited when I was feeling a little under the weather, however my amazing meal, as well as some Yerba Mate courtesy of Foxfire Tea restored my body and my mouth to feelings of peak condition. We're coming back real soon, and we'll visit early to make sure we can try the 'Living Lasagna' we keep hearing about. Our hats off to everyone at Nutshell...thank you.

Lisa V said:

We loved it!! Were going from Seattle to PDX for a girl's weekend and went to Nutshell based on this recommendation and it was totally DELISH!!! Three girls - one round of bread/oil/salt, split a salad, had three entrees and all of us had 2 drinks and it only came to $66! The Jamaican BBQ, the living lasagna and the akra (I think that's how it's spelled) were all delicious and we had great service. thanks for the heads up!

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