Laurelwood Public House (for happy hour)

December 19, 2006

Laurelwood Public House (for happy hour)

1728 NE 40th Ave
(503) 282-0622
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Happy Hour: 3-6 & 9-close

the inside of the LaurelwoodYesterday, I demanded that my better half take me to an establishment that served alcohol, stat. And thus, we ended up at kid-magnet Laurelwood Public House during happy hour.

Since I'm allergic to kids, we don't usually go there, but it did seem like a decent option for beer and food. After all, while Laurelwood's food is not great, it's consistently good and edible.

The happy hour menu includes $2.75 pints, and $3.95 food. The food options include

  • the Happy Burger with fries, perhaps half the size of their regular burger (and you can add cheese for an extra buck)

  • the Happy Aritichoke-Jalapeno (sic) Dip, which comes with tortilla chips (artificial artichoke?)

  • the Happy Mediterranean Pizza with Pesto

  • the Happy Mac 'n' Cheese with Ham (with tortilla chips)

  • the Happy Taco (with tortilla chips and salsa

  • the Happy Nachos (add chicken for $3 more)

  • the Happy Garlic Fries

  • the Happy Chicken Caesar Salad

So with dutiful grouchiness, we ordered our Happy Cheeseburgers, our Happy Nachos, and our Happy Mac 'n' Cheese. The folks next to us appeared to be at the beginning of a wake.

Like I mentioned above, the Happy Burger is a small, plain hamburger with lettuce and a single slice of insipid tomato. It comes with a small handful of fries, which are batterdipped and double-fried. I suppose someone might get full off of that serving, but my guess is that 99% of the American adult population would not. But then, none of these servings are large.

The Happy Nachos are really the most cheerful possible thing: tortilla chips covered with black bean chili, cheese, and olives. There isn't a lot of it, but, really, a little goes a long way.

The Happy Mac 'n' Cheese looks like Kraft dinner with little cubes of ham on top. And it definitely tastes like something out of a box, designed not to offend the sentiments of children, like something midway between Kraft dinner and Annie's.

So, we each spent about $9 on food. For that $9, we could have gotten any of their 1/3# hamburgers with lots of toppings, and fries or salad. Which just makes me think we were ripped off!

Anyways, if you're just feeling noshy, the Laurelwood happy hour isn't a bad deal. But if you're hungry, just stick to the regular menu.

happy hour, Laurelwood Public House

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Is is just me, or does service really suck at this place?

I have never had good service here, except at the bar. And this weekend was the worst! We waited for 30 minutes for a server and then another 25 to get our food.

Posted by: Angelhair at December 19, 2006 01:11 PM

I've gotten lucky, most of the time. But I've had service so bad that I've walked out as well. Last night, it took the waitron 15 minutes to come and bring us menus and take a beer order--and I needed that beer!

Posted by: vj at December 19, 2006 05:21 PM

Laurelwood has certainly become a victim of their own success. Yes, they make great brew. And it is pure genius to have a family friendly brew pub. However, they're a little over priced and the food isn't nearly as good as it used to be. Of course, if they opened a pub at the corner of Albina and Lombard...I'd be there every night.

Posted by: JJM at December 20, 2006 09:31 PM

I have a toddler so we end up at the Hollywood location pretty much anytime we want to go out with friends. The happy hour pork taco there is pretty good and the service is usually much better at that location. The NW location is much closer to where I live, but I'd rather drive to the better locale. Beers are good, brewers are friendly, kid-friendly atmosphere works for me.

Posted by: greg at December 24, 2006 08:29 PM

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