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If you are into the Portland food scene, or you just like a good fight, you could do much worse than Portland Food and Drink. Food Dude's site is just a year old, but it has attracted a lot of attention. And rightfully so. The authors and commenters, foodies all, are passionate. Not a bad thing. And Food Dude and his crew are diligent about reviewing both high-end and lower-end places, and giving them the full 3 chances they deserve.

Looking for a restaurant review? I hope you find what you need here, but if you want the full story, and multiple opinions, check with Food Dude.

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Breakfast in Stumptown Googlemap


stumptown breakfast googlemap!Portland Food Group member Veronica has created this brilliant google map listing of places to get brekkie in Portland. The map contains a capsule review, address, and, breakfast hours. She's been to well over half of the places listed. It's a great resource.

Itchin' for eggs? Jonesin' for java? Here's a nigh-comprehensive list of breakfast joints in Portland. I skipped over chains (with the exception of the Original Pancake House since it's, you know, original) and mandated that these places must serve hot breakfast (i.e., no muffin peddlers). Green means I've been there, yellow means I have not and red means, "Please don't go here -- I want it all for myself!" Hours listed are hours that the establishments serve breakfast. They may be open additional non-breakfast hours.

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extra MSG logoIf you like Cook's Illustrated magazine and you're interested in Portland's foodie and food scene, add extramsg to your newsreader. Nick offers news and opinion, but the best part is his indepth explorations of a particular thing. Examples include taquerias in N & NE Portland, pizza by the slice, and cheese shops (look, Grommit!). In looking at a particular thing, Nick goes into detail about what works for him, and what doesn't in a fairly brutal way. In the pizza example, he looks at crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings, as well as the balance and combination therein.

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Lunch Carts in (downtown) Portland, OR


It's a googlemap of lunch carts downtown. It doesn't cover everything but it's got the most of it. Good work!

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Pizza Joints in Portland


Andrew Hall, of Portland Bridges fame, was one of the first "names" I was aware of online in 1995. He was doing all these great web sites, blah blah blah. And one of them was his annotated list of pizza slice places.

Happily, I ran across this again recently, and it's pretty up-to-date. A pizza joint is:

a casual pizza place where you can get pizza slices. It should not be a place with table service or a place where you would expect to tip, although nowadays most of them have the ubiquitous tip jar. One should feel comfortable going into pizza joints alone. Chain restaurants like Godfathers and Pizza Hut don't qualify as pizza joints, either.

It's a great resource for exploring new slices.

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Portland Food Carts


screenshot of Portland Food Carts by Cuisine Bonne FemmeIf you read a lot (or any) of the Portland food bloggers, you are already aware of this wonderful resource created by Portland Food and Drink's Cuisine Bonne Femme.

But in case you live under a rock, here's her description:

This site is an ode to Portland's food carts, and a practical guide on where to find them and what to eat once you get there. It contains a listing of carts, a map, a search feature, and categories by cuisine types and specific locations. It also contains photos and menus if I can get them, and the occasional profile or review if I am especially inspired (or horrified) by a particular cart.

At this point, the big categories are Vegetarian Options, Vegan, Sandwiches and Mexican. Each entry has at least the address, with a googlemap and frequently a detailed description/entry.

I plan to break out of my downtown lunch rut with this, yes indeedy.

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Portland Metro Food Tip Sheet & Dining Guide v2.26


screenshot of Extramsg.comNick Zukin, aka ExtraMSG, has created this great restaurant and market resource for newcomers and townies alike.

The tip sheet breaks restaurants down by style (American, Bakeries, BBQ, Breakfast, Chinese & Korean, Chocolates, Desserts, French, Greek & Middle-Eastern, Hamburgers, Ice Cream, Indian, Italian, Latin-American, Mexican, Mexican-American, Northwest Cuisine, Pizza, Seafood, Special Occasion, Sushi/Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese) and by neighborhood (downtown, the Pearl, NW, NoPo, Inner NE, Restaurant Row/28th/NE, Sunnyside SE, Division/Clinton SE, Sellwood/Westmoreland/John's Landing, outer SE [82nd & Montavilla], Vancouver, and Westside/Washington County), and markets by category (Asian, Farmer's, Gourmet/Organic, Latin, Meat, and Wine).

He has links to online resources, listings of under- and over-rated restaurants, and perhaps the best thing: a list of Sunday and Monday options. The latter I go back to again and again.

Here's how he describes it.

This tip sheet is primarily intended for people who are new to Portland or just visiting and want a few quick recommendations. It may also be useful to people who are looking to explore a cuisine for the first time or who don't get beyond their own neighborhood often. It's not meant to be comprehensive. Nor is it intended to always give the best three in each category. Some restaurants may be both among the best American restaurants and the best breakfast restaurants, perhaps. However, they will only be listed in one category. Also, there is some attempt to add variety in each category, giving both upscale and downscale options, for example, or variety in location or style. However, each should be among the better, and possibly best, choices in Portland for that category.

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Veggie Guide to Portland Map


vegguide google map mashupJohn of Goatless wrote this, recently:

Next week I will be in Portland, OR for OSCON 2007. I know there's a lot of great vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and stores there, but I don't have a sense of where they are, and couldn't find a good map-based guide.

VegGuide.org makes a listing of restaurants and stores in the Portland area available as an RSS feed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license.

So, I put together a Yahoo! Pipe that takes the RSS feed from VegGuide and puts all the places on a map:

Veggie Guide to Portland

What a great idea! However, it would never load on my Comcastic! home Mac. Damn it, what a great idea though. Too bad it didn't work.

And then I noticed that John had left himself a comment that the KML file could be used by Google Maps. Kaching! Kaching!!

This pipe takes a listing from VegGuide.org and GeoCodes each item. The end result allows users to browse a interactive Yahoo! map to see where veggie organizations are located in the Portland area

While I'm sure the Yahoo! Piped version has more nuances, the Google Mapped version is really good in a pinch.

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