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Little Red Bike Cafe

4823 N Lombard St. (between Fiske and Jordan Ave.)

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July 26, 2010 | Permalink | Comments (4)


megan said:

bike-in incentive? That is such a great idea! Also, is courier coffee going to overthrow Stumptown?

jennie said:

OMG I miss Portland so much!!!

I read this blog and got all teary-eyed for my cute little north portland hood.

Tim said:

I think Courier Coffee is excellent and Joel really has pretty strict control over the quality of his coffees since he does not have as massive an operation as Stumptown does.

You can find out where to try his coffee at

I work at Little Red Bike and have so far been quite impressed with Joel's coffees, even though I might not yet be a professional barista and cannot guarantee that I am doing his coffee full justice quite yet. It's been awesome having so many people come in though and it's really cool reading the blog posts and hearing people say such great things. Evan and Ali are great at what they do and I hope that I am a proper extension of the quality they are striving to provide you all with.

I personally am very impressed with the food and wish I had more time to eat it all. I actually became acquainted with Evan and Ali via a weekly lust for the food they served at Farmer's Market on Saturdays at PSU as Green & Green Salad Company.

Anyway, cool to read the blog...

See you at the cafe!

shawn said:

I stopped by for a quick breakfast and a coffee.
I left with a new cafe to haunt and a couple of new friends.



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