Our Daily Bread Restaurant

8680 N Ivanhoe St
(503) 286-9848
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6am-10:30pm everyday but xmas

Our Daily BreadIt seems that everyone in N & NE Portland were up watching the Trojan implosion, and then decided to go out to breakfast. We pulled up at John Street Cafe and were shocked to see the inside and the outside crowded with people.

I was with my companion, he who does not willingly wait for breakfast, so we obviously needed to come up with Plan B tout suite. But we're in St. Johns, which is a bit sleepy at 7:30 on a Sunday morning. There's Pattie's—no, that's out. There's the New Portland Rose, which was also deemed unsuitable. I didn't know about Slim's but I bet it wouldn't have passed muster either.

And so with lowered expectations, we went to Our Daily Bread. It's a family restaurant. However, it's not a chain, and the name is from the fact that they bake their own bread. The coffee was awful, but was there immediately with a menu and a glass of water.

The interior is all about wood, but very comfortable.

Breakfast is offered all day, and the ranch breakfasts are all about eggs and meat: three kinds of sausage, corned beef hash, chicken fried steak, and three kinds of conventional steak are among the offerings ($6.75-$19). There are pancakes, french toast and waffles ($2.50-$6.75), omelettes ($6.75-$8.50), even espresso. And from 6-10am, there are five $4.50 breakfast specials.

So, I ordered the classic ham & cheese omelette with hash browns and homemade cornbread. HWDNWWFB got pigs in a blanket.

Quickly our food came, and hey—it was great!

The omelette was perfect: a thin crepelike egg layer swaddling chopped ham and melty cheese, neither over or underdone. It wasn't an exercise in trying to pile food on the plate, but it was tremendously filling. The shredded hash browns were crispy and lovely, creamy on the inside, not at all greasy. And the cornbread was warm, obviously freshly made, northern-style so slightly sweet, served with creamed butter.

The pigs in a blanket were plate-sized pancakes rolled around link sausage, served with applesauce, creamed butter and syrup (sorry dunno if it was real maple or not).

We both attacked our plates and began talking again once we hit about half through, which was about when we had to say when.

Another example of what makes St. Johns great: unpretentious, hard-work, and value on the buck.

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May 26, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (2)


diana said:

I went to DB on a quest to eat at every restaurant in St. Johns. I too was very suprised that it was so good. Daily Bread knows who they are and they are true to it. They dont try to be hip. But they are comfortable and the food is really good.

Byron Caloz said:

Our Daily Bread also has the gest collection of photos representing the history of St. Johns. The restrooms also have neat paint treatments.

This is the only restaurant I know of anywhere which offers "vegetable sausages" (texturized vegetable protein. Because of that, I gratefully can order a full breakfast with protein and not break with my loose vegetarian standards. Many restaurants offer a gardenburger or bocaburger patty alternative for hamburgers, but this is the only one which offers the same for breakfast sausage.

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