Pho Vinh

7330 NE Fremont St
(503) 284-8355
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Pho Vinh
This was a Pho Hung until about a year ago when it changed hands.

When we went by on a Sunday afternoon, the lot was full. After we found a parking spot down the block (the neighbors must love them), we came into the restaurant and were greeted by the host/traffic director who authoritatively directed us to a table.

About half the restaurant was full, with about half Asian families, the other half speaking Russian, Spanish and English. That's a good sign.

The restaurant looks completely unchanged from when it was Pho Hung. It's a respectable, but not fancy, pho joint. The menu is similar to Pho Hung's as well: pho, noodle soups, bun, and rice plates, except it's all doublespaced and in large print. We ordered our usuals: salad rolls, 2 small pho with meatballs and eye of round (one children's style), and 2 iced coffees.

Immediately, the salad plate arrives. It's basil, sprouts, sliced jalapeno, and some lime quarters, and the basil and sprouts looked a smidge past their prime. No cilantro, no sawleaf. Almost as quickly, the salad rolls appear, with no side plates. We divvy up napkins. The salad rolls are okay, not great, again seeming a little tired.

We've just solved the napkin problem when the coffees arrive, old style: two glasses with ice and spoons, two cups with vietnamese drip filters. I'm not sure why, but both cups are covered with coffee grounds.

And then, the pho arrives. The entire process, from ordering to pho coming, probably took five minutes -- pretty normal. To my great pleasure, my pho did come without onions (children's style), but it was also without the eye of round.

The broth was the highlight. It's not the best in town to be certain, but it's certainly tasty enough. The small size is a pretty healthy serving, with a brick of rice noodles on the bottom, waiting to be teased out with your chopsticks.

In the end, for this speedy, filling meal, it was under $20. Then again, as I look at the receipts, I paid the wrong bill, so maybe... uh, who knows.

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