• Office of Neighborhood Associations
    "Portland is nationally recognized for its 25-year history of commitment to ensure that citizens are active partners in keeping their neighborhoods and communities strong, safe and healthy." Includes Upcoming Citizens' Workshops, Neighborhoods by name, & Directory of district coalitions
  • Portland Neighborhood Coalitions:
    • Northeast
      • Central Northeast Neighbors
        Includes contact information for the Beaumont-Wilshire, Cully, Hollywood, Madison South, Rose City Park, Roseway, Sumner, and Sunderland neighborhood associations, and the Hollywood Boosters, Beaumont Business Association, Roseway Business Association and Eighty-Second Avenue Business Association.
    • Southeast Uplift
    • Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood Development Association
      Or HAND. The HAND neighborhood lies within the boundaries of the Willamette River on the West, SE 29th on the East, Hawthorne Blvd. on the North, and Powell Blvd. on the South. This is a great site, complete with a map of the central southeast neighborhood associations, newsletters, local businesses, local government offices and email addresses for elected officials, and where to e-mail those letters to the editor!


    • Neighbors West/Northwest

      "The Neighbors West/Northwest Review Board consists of the nine member neighborhood associations: Goose Hollow Foothills League, Arlington Heights, Sylvan-Highlands, Hillside, Northwest District Association, Forest Park, Linnton, Northwest Industrial Neighborhood Association and the Pearl District Neighborhood Association." One should note that these neighborhoods are not exclusively Northwest... This page won't help a lot, but, hey!

    • Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI)
      "Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) is a nonprofit coalition that provides support services to promote citizen participation and crime prevention in 16 southwest Portland neighborhoods and 3 business associations."

    • Crestwood Neighborhood Association
      This site is jam-packed full of all sorts of crunchy goodness. Crestwood is bounded by I-5, Capitol Hwy, SW 55th, Baird & Wood Pkwy

    • Goose Hollow Foothills League
      "Goose Hollow is a neighborhood partly in, and adjacent to, downtown Portland, Oregon. This neighborhood, or association of neighborhoods, is host to several distinct, but related, residential communities. While the neighborhood has now less than half the housing stock it had thirty years ago, it remains one of the most densely populated parts of the City. Its attractiveness as a place to live has much to do with this association's insistence on maintaining a pedestrian environment and rebuilding a community
      focus lost in a period of dislocation and changing patterns of urbanization accompanying the development of urban freeways."

    • Hillside Neighborhood Association

    • Linnton Neighborhood Association
      "We're located in Northwest Portland along US 30 (St Helens Road), from the Willbridge district out through the old townsite of Linnton to the Sauvie Island Bridge, between the Willamette River and Forest Park."

    • Maplewood Neighborhood Association
      "We are bounded on the North by SW Vermont Avenue, on the South by Multnomah Blvd, on the East by SW 45th Street, and on the West by SW 66th Street." Lots of information here, including crime statistics

    • Northwest District Association
      "Our boundaries are West Burnside on the South side and the I-405 freeway to the East. To the North, we extend to NW Front Avenue, NW Nicolai Street and St. Helens Road. And our West edge is defined by the East boundaries of Forest and Macleay Parks and a line running 600 feet west and parallel to Cornell and Westover Roads." This includes the trendy Pearl Neighborhood, and Northwest, as in Northwest 21st and Northwest 23rd.

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