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Queer (Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans) Portland

One of the many things that is special about Portland is that there is no queer ghetto here. The places listed certainly attract a gay clientele, but for the most part, not exclusively. The queer community is very prominent, large, and "out" here, and perhaps it just reflects the hard work that we and our allies have done. You can walk thru the Old Lesbian Mecca, Hawthorne Blvd, or linger along the future Lesbian Mecca, Alberta St, and spot lots of queer women and hets, or cruise through trendy Northwest, and see as many yuppy straight couples as guppy couples and guys on the cruise.

cruising girls

Hawthorne Safeway
2800 SE Hawthorne

Dyke Night
appears to be on hiatus

New Seasons stores

It's My Pleasure
3106 NE 64th at (NE corner of) Sandy

Alberta Food Co-op
15th & Alberta

Food Front Co-op
2375 NW Vaughn

People's Food Co-op
3029 SE 21st

Touchstone Coffeehouse
7631 NE Glisan, 262-7613

Bella Faccia Pizzeria
2934 NE Alberta

Just about any eastside coffeehouse
my favs: Common Grounds (43xx SE Hawthorne), Pied Cow (3244 SE Belmont), Dots (2521 SE Clinton St)

any Lesbian Community Project event

(free) Queer Press

Just Out
JO has been around forever, and is available all over the downtown, Northwest 23rd, NE Broadway, and Hawthorne areas, as well as other businesses all over the state. The tabloid covers the breadth and depth of our community amazingly well, and has a great calendar and community section. However, it can be a bit dull. Biweekly, available the first and third Fridays.


Both Men and Women

Pied Cow Coffeehouse
3244 SE Belmont

SW Stark between 11th & 12th
24 hours
Greasy spoon with attitude
from Kat (4/26/2000): "i'm surprised you don't list the roxy as a cheap good freaky resturant/gay/lessy land (at night) it's over by powells book store DT.. it's been 2 years since i lived in portland but the roxy is it...!"


3 Friends Coffeehouse
201 SE 12th Ave (between Stark & Burnside)
(503) 236-6411

Cadillac Cafe
NE Broadway

2913 SE Stark


La Calaca Comelona
2304 SE Belmont

Dinner Monday-Saturday
loncheria mexicano centralo
If you really want to get under the skin of a food snob who is always looking for authenticity, take them to the Hungry Skeleton. There are no burritos here, and even though the menu is in english, most newcomers have to study it for maybe 5 or 10 minutes before they decide what they want. This is real fonda food -- tacos, quesadillas, and tortas. And now, in their new expanded location, they offer plated meals. Like a real fonda, the tortillas are handmade. It's kinda pricey (of course, prices have risen with the location change) and not terribly fast, but it's tasty -- once you get used to it. Now there is cerveza y margaritas in addition to the juice bar.

Cup and Saucer Café
3566 SE Hawthorne, Portland
3000 NE Killingsworth, Portland

A vegetarian-friendly café
Beloved, yet awful. But the scones, rice krispy squares and espresso are generally excellent, as is the people watching.

Old Wives Tales
1300 E Burnside

Retail (books, pride stuff)

Both Men and Women

Laughing Horse Books
3625 SE Division

Queer books, as well as pinko, anarchist, feminist, communitarianist books, magazines and stuff. Collectively run non-profit. Also hosts many meetings.

Looking Glass Bookstore
318 SW Taylor

Nicki writes, "Looking Glass has had a queer section for as long as I can remember and had a gay male and lesbian section long before Powell's ever did. Old man Powell (Michael's dad) did not go forthat."

Powell's City of Books
10th & W Burnside
A good-sized selection of both new and used books, as well as many queer staffers.

302 SW 12th Ave (at Burnside)

Toys, some pride stuff


In Other Words
NE Killingsworth at Williams

A women's bookstore. Collectively run non-profit. Also hosts many meetings

It's My Pleasure
3106 NE 64th at (NE corner of) Sandy

Books, toys, pride supplies, community events and meetings

Social Stuff

Adventure Group
Adventure Group is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to provide the Oregon/Washington Area Gay and Lesbian Community with a variety of outdoor social activities.

Dyke Night
appears to be on hiatus

Rosetown Ramblers
"Who are we? We are Portland's premier Gay Square Dance Club. Our membership is roughly 50/50 gay men and gay women with a sprinkling of gay friendly straights.
"In addition to Square Dancing we sponsor a CW dance w/ full bar and live DJ once a month.
"Our square dances are alcohol/smoke free. The CW dance is smoke free."
No more roller skating though. Boo hoo hoo!

Specific Reources to...


Inner City Hot Springs
2927 NE Everett

Men's only hours only hours - call ahead for information


Inner City Hot Springs
2927 NE Everett

Women's only hours - call ahead for information

It's My Pleasure
3106 NE 64th at (NE corner of) Sandy

Lesbian Community Project

portland queer resources & links

PSU Queers and Allies

Gay PDX, Gay Portland, Gay Oregon
"The most current and extensive resource for Portland Queer and their visitors."

Basic Rights Oregon
"BRO is prepared to work year-round to out-educate, out-organize and out-vote the OCA."

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