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horses on Clinton St.The spirit of goofyness is alive and well in Portland. Take, for example, the Horse Project.

Now if you've been here or read any of the local blogs or even some news outlets, you know about Scott Wayne Indiana, a local artist, and his Horse Project. But if you've missed it, here's the haps.

People are tethering toy horses (and in at least one case, a cow and a pig) to the rings imbedded in the curbs all over the central city. It's stoopid, it's fun, and it's always a nice surprise to come upon a new tethered horse, or to visit an older one.

Here's what Indiana has to say about it:

a major goal of this project is to open eyes to the intricate details of our urban environment. personally, when i am being mindful, i stop and look at little things that catch my eye all the time. if people notice one horse, then that little moment is one step closer to other new experiences along "the way."

for this public art project, utilize the metal rings that are located on various sidewalks around Portland, Oregon. the rings are embedded in the concrete curbs, and the legend is that they are still around from a time when they were used by citizens to secure their horses while they went about their business in town.

so, first, buy a small toy horse and find a ring.

then, to one of these rings, tie a toy horse. then, leave the horse there just as one would have left their actual horse a hundred years ago. such toy horses can be purchased at goodwill for about a dollar or two. also, the dollar store has great plastic horses!

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September 14, 2006 | Permalink | Comments (3)


Niki said:

There is now a horsey on my uppity little side street! Makes me feel so East side!

Mary Sue said:

I saw one on Mississippi and one at the Grand Central on Fremont yesterday and made a mental note to Google it, and look what rolls up on my feed reader? Thanks!

Jill-O said:

I think that the first one I ever saw was right outside of Pix on SE I see them everywhere and they always bring a smile to my face.

Yay, cute little horsies!



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