Shanghai Tunnels

under most of Old Town
Cascade Geographic Society: Michael Jones, (503) 622-4798.

I'm not sure how the term became Shanghaied, but in the earlier days of the city, it was dangerous for a man to get drunk in the city. If you did, you might get dragged into the tunnels, and onto a boat, for
the next six years or so.

REVISION: Chris writes:

Just went on the tour last night. There's not much here, most of what went on in the tunnels is left to your imagination. The tour guide spins a good tale but it takes too long and there's really nothing to see, just the basement of the Old Town Pizza. Not worth 10 bucks.


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May 26, 2002 | Permalink | Comments (2)


Ami said:

We went on the "haunted tunnels" tour in April 2006 and thought it was great. Of course there isn't much to "see" YOU'RE IN AN UNDERGROUND TUNNEL SILLY. There were some artifacts and the construction of the tunnels themselves. We thought the storytelling was of quite good quality. Storytelling is a dying art and deserves a lot of respect when done well, and trust me when I say that your tour is lead by a quality storyteller.

Brent said:

I too went on the haunted tour several years ago, which was a mistake, the regular tour may have sucked less. Michael Jones is a pretty decent storyteller but to enjoy the haunted version at all you must believe in ghosts, I kept wishing he'd talk more about the tunnels and old Portland.

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