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Portland area thrift & resale shops

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Portland has over 50 thrift stores. Did you know that? I sure didn't. And this isn't counting stores in Milwaukie, Oak Grove, and Gladstone.

Initially, when I first started thinking about this section, I got all caught up in the thrift vs charity idea. Like, is a thrift store necessarily a charity? And, then I thought, who cares? It's about the lure of the bargain. And so, I am not trying to differentiate between thrifts and resale shops and consignment stores—I'm looking primarily at cheap used goods.

And as fun as jumble sales are, I'm singling out places that are open more often than not.

Oh, and I learned something interesting from Wikipedia:

It is believed that the phrase hand-me-down may have originated in London's East End markets in the 18th century. Vendors would typically keep their new, more expensive clothing at street level, while keeping their older, used clothing on racks that were elevated out of reach. To purchase the latter, buyers would have to ask the stall owner to "hand me down" a particular piece of clothing.


Thrift & Resale Stores in the Portland Central City

Council Thrift

1127 SW Morrison
(503) 227-6322
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October 17, 2007 | Permalink

Goodwill on 10th

SW 10th & Taylor
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higher-end thrift store

Goodwill on 10thI was curious to check out the new Goodwill downtown. In the manner of previous downtown thrifts, this is aiming at better-heeled bargain hunters. Unlike most Goodwills, there is a controlled and calm, edited presence in On 10th. Racks are not overwhelmed by clothing, and the clothes don't appear written in (unlike most Goodwill garb). There is an overabundance of mall brands and higher-end mail-order, quite gently used, in an overabundance of small sizes.

While most Goodwills have an adult clothing base price of $6.99 (with better quality stuff more, and less desirables less), the On 10th employees stammered when I asked about a base price there (I'm guessing $25.99, with t's for $7.99, jeans $9.99, and some other items $14.99—though I saw other items at $199.99). To be fair, corporate prices their clothing before it ever comes downtown. So I asked about the clothing selected. I guess that the majority of stores do not contribute to the downtown store—just two stores do. So your neighborhood Goodwill might have the same sorts of gems at a cheaper price.

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Hollywood Value Village has closed

4420 NE Hancock

Value Village of Hollywood

I was sad to read (in the Oregonian 11/22/2007) that the Hollywood Value Village has closed. While it's not the closest thrift to me, it was the one that I hit most frequently. It suffered from being just too big, strangely priced items and completely ruined clothing, but I was still glad to have it in my arsenal, especially with the farmers market and Trader Joe's so close by.

The next closest Value Village is at 5050 SE 82nd Avenue (at SE Raymond Ct, between Holgate & Foster), (503) 771-5472 (hours: Mon - Sat 9-9, Sun 10-7)

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ReRun Consignment & Resale

707 NE Fremont St
(503) 517-3786
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"A neighborhood consignment store"
closed Tuesdays

It had to be only a matter of time before this neck of Fremont had its own resale shop. And now, it does, and we could do much worse than ReRun. They've got everything it seems: furniture, bicycles, old road signs, books, clothes, podiums (!), dvds, and linens. The prices, while not garage sale level, are intriguing enough to cause adults who know better to ask themselves if they need a couple more book cases. And who doesn't, really?

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Teen Challenge Thrift Store

3121 NE Sandy Blvd
(503) 230-1910
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Teen Challenge Thrift Store
inside the furniture and sports section of Teen Challenge
Teen Challenge is a curious thrift store. Part really cheap clothing, part not-so-cheap furniture, this dumpy store is full of all sorts of stuff. For example, you have your choice of golf bags full of clubs, or $5 bowling balls. There's an Ab Rocker by Body by Jake. A half dozen irons, all $3. Framed puzzles might be $10 or $25. And sewing machines for $25- $125.

They really have the better part of half the store made up of furniture. All sorts: old and wonderful, new and waiting to collapse. There's a $15 telescope. A dining room table without chairs for $50.

Clothes are theoretically divided into S, M, L, XL, though, not really. There are no fitting rooms. The clothes here might still bear the tags for the stores that donated them, as well as the store that tried to sell them before, like Value Village. That explains the clothing prices which for the most part range from $1-$4. Which isn't to say that there isn't great clothes here, it just takes a bit more work. For example, I found new suede skirts and overalls from several seasons ago, with the tags still on them. But I also found clothes that had done a lot of work already.

Also. Pillows, blankets, sheets, a poncho? A Honda 1100 Gold Wing for $4500!

The Christian aspect here is throughout. You'll encounter students talking about bible verses, and it's not surprising to hear "You're too blessed to be stressed".

They take credit cards, and they're closed on Sundays.

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The Salvation Army Lombard Thrift Store

8426 N Lombard St
(503) 286-9571
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Salvation Army Thrift StoreThis Salvation Army is relatively small, as thrift stores go, and really about the clothing. Clothing makes up the vast majority of the store. There are a quite a few books, priced $2.50 hardback, and a $1 each for everything else, some housewares, a few electronics. Clothing prices can be as much as $15 dollars for a blouse, but most are a couple of books bucks.

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Thrift & Resale Stores on McLoughlin

Red White & Blue Thrift Store

19239 McLoughlin Blvd, Gladstone
(503) 655-3444
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Red White & Blue Thrift StoreThe Red White & Blue holds a storied place in my thrift store memories. It is the furthest thrift out McLoughlin, and before I began researching the strip, it seemed like it was 45 minutes away. To make matters worse, it is not open on Sundays, nor is it open later than 6pm.

You walk in, and it's a small store, devoid of the color-coordinated marketing posters and aisle markers of Goodwill or Value Village. It's devoid even of a fitting room. The place reminds me of Portland almost twenty years ago, before the '89 earthquake, before the Californians came, and Starbucks—before the economy brightened just enough to eliminate the millions of mom and pop thrifts like this one that lined the streets of SE.

The prices on clothes (most are $2.95 out of a range of $.95-$5.95, and some new items are as much as $9.95) and shoes (most are $2.95 out of a range of $1.95-$12.95) are okay. I admit, I was like, I drove to Gladstone for this? Clothes are sorted by size, and there is a plus-sized section.

But pay attention to the boards above the cash register to see what is on sale. When I was there, everything but yellow and red tags was marked down 50%, and the blue tags were 75%. That can make it absolutely worth the trip.

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The Dig

13844 SE McLoughlin Blvd
(503) 496-0875
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the DigI admit, as I get older, the fascination with thrift stores wanes. I'm tired of clothing arranged by color, by insane sizing ideas, by having to scrutinize every little thing. And that's why I like the Dig.

Clothes are cheap: most are $4. I saw one thing that was $6. Clothes are sorted according to size. They even have plus sizes. And clothes appear rip and stainfree. Now I could be wrong on that one, but I found four pair of pants, perfect, great, not worn out, and paid $14 for them. They were having a buy three, get one free special, so how could I go wrong?

Shoes look a bit, well, tired, but are cool enough to make you consider bringing them home anyways.

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A thrifty craft resale shop

Knittn' Kitten

7530 NE Glisan
(503) 255-3022
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sewing and craft thrift store

Knittn' Kitten
Need some aprons?
Knittn' Kitten and their room of aprons
In spite of the name, Knittn' Kitten is primarily a sewing thrift. But what a sewing thrift! They have lots of fabric, both in pieces and in bolts, most 100% cotton print for $1.00-$1.50 a yard. Notions and the like include just about anything you can imagine: cotton sewing thread, zippers, elastic, seam binding/blanket binding, buttons, rick rack, and lace, eyelet, embroidered, fringe, and upholstery trims for the change in your pocket.

They do also have crafty stuff: cotton embroidery floss, knitting and crochet needles, yarn in very small quantities, and beads.

Finally, they also stock beautiful or goofy linens like aprons and hankerchiefs.

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