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Find a World of Entertainment at Ilani Casino

Located 25 miles north of downtown Portland, Ilani Casino is a major casino gaming destination today. The word ‘Ilani’ comes from the Cowlitz word for ‘sing’. It is operated by the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. It is truly an amazing casino establishment that offers a wide range of gaming options.

Besides the casino games, Ilani also has some exceptional offerings in dining and entertainment. Visitors arriving at the casino would surely have a memorable experience when they explore all the delights of this casino.

Gaming options

Ilani Casino continues to be owned and operated by the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. It was opened in 2017 with a unique blend of traditional tribal influences and modern amenities. Spread over a vast area of 400,000 square feet, the casino has over 3,000 slot machines. It also offers many table games and has a dedicated poker room.

Players can have an exciting and diverse gambling experiences upon visiting this elegant casino. The video poker terminals and slot machines suit gamers with varied choices and budgets. Whether you’re new to the casino scene or a seasoned gambler, you’ll certainly have loads of fun here.

For the high-rollers, Ilani Casino also has a luxurious high-limit room. So, if you’re someone seeking an elevated gaming experience, this exclusive area would be the right place. It offers higher betting limits, has a dedicated staff, and gives you a more intimate environment. You’ll enjoy a more personalized gaming experience in Ilani Casino’s high-limit room.


Beyond the gaming floor, the casino complex has an event center. It hosts a variety of concerts and shows throughout the year. Many popular artists have performed at this venue, including stand-up comedians and world-famous musicians.

Theatrical productions have also hosted their shows at this event center. Guests of this casino can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere while enjoying world-class entertainment.


You’ll get to choose from several dining options in Ilani Casino to pamper your taste buds. Its restaurants feature cuisines from different parts of the globe. They also include the Asian and Mexican fare. From casual eateries to upscale dining, you’ll get to savor diverse flavors.

Each of the restaurants at the complex has its distinct menu and ambiance. This would surely give you some unforgettable dining experiences.


Want some relaxation and rejuvenation? The Muze Lounge and Nightclub located at Ilani Casino has the perfect atmosphere. This stylish club has elegant spaces that allow you to unwind with your friends. You can dance the night away to live music or some thrilling dance numbers of a DJ. After an exhausting day on the gaming floor, this would be a welcome change for you.

Social activities

Ilani Casino is not just a hub for gaming and entertainment. It also engages in a lot of charitable and community-related activities as a part of its corporate social responsibility. Through its various programs, the casino supports the local community.

It has also partnered with several organizations to run educational programs and environment conservation activities. They’ve gone a long way in making a positive impact on the region and its residents.

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